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I thought it was great to see all those kids out there playing great golf and getting the opportunity to play on the grounds of Augusta National. Golf channel covered it well considering this was the first go around. What did you think?
he he... Guilty!
Some names not mentioned yet. Jim Norton Patrice O'Neal RIP Jim Jeffries Ricky Gervais Rev Bob Levy
It really is kind of sad that with any new product that comes on the market (not just this one) the first thing that we all think of is how it won't work. Too much liability, going to cause injury. We never used to worry about these things as kids! If something looked cool we wanted to try it broken bones be damned! Too many lawsuits from too much spilled coffee has made life pretty boring these days. Nice to see some outside thinking on this product. Stop worrying about...
This year we're having the first cold weather Super Bowl in many years. Why not create a cold weather Major?
lol I should have been more specific. In the US maybe in Jan.-Feb. in the transition zone, KS,MO,OK,TX?
Am I the only one who would like to see a PGA Tour event played on a dormant golf course? I have to play golf when the temps are above 40 degrees right now. I have to play golf on a brown golf course. I want to see these guys play golf in the same conditions that I have to play on a daily basis! There would be no way to get the course anywhere close to perfection. I want to see that!
Wow! Thks mac. I work in a shop and have a set of picks that may be used to get the old paint out with.
I am planning to do some paint fill to customize my irons a bit just wondering what kind of paint to use so that it will last? Also... Have a Ping 3 wood that I love but has paint chipping along the back edge and other places. (Not real happy with Ping paint) I'd like to mask off and repaint the club myself, maybe a cool color just wondering if anyone has customized their clubs by repainting themselves?
I've had these grips on my Pings for two years now. I have the half white, half black set. I play a lot of golf and these have held up well. Going to go for a third year with them. I wash with warm water and some dish soap once a week and that has helped to keep the white bright. They're cheap on Ebay so if I have to replace no biggy, but I'm going to see how long they'll last.
New Posts  All Forums: