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I find if I'm hitting a little fat that looking in front of the ball a couple of inches helps to make sure I'm hitting with a negative AoA. Otherwise I don't really focus intently on the ball I just look at it.
I use Apex irons during my lessons and I'm not amazed by them. They are certainly nice but no nicer than many other irons.
Isn't that what most pro's teach these days?
I can't be a fan of anyone that uses religion as an excuse for prejudice.
No prize money would be zero issue, the sponsor deals coming his/her way would be insane.
Ah, I didn't mean lessons are a necessity, just that going to one lesson and expecting a major improvement is somewhat unrealistic.
That's your problem right there. One lesson isn't going to change anything. You need to stick with them and see a pro on a regular basis if you want large improvements.
Finally broke 100 with a 95. Slightly disappointed that I 3 putted 8 times as I could have broken 90, but that's the only real issue with what turned out to be a great round,   https://shotzoom.com/r/42947472981#
If I was a psychologist I would say boredom with your job and family life. 26 is pretty young to have to kids and be married. It's easy to see how you might be feeling like you have missed out on your best years and are using golf as a distraction tactic.
It took me easily 6 months of trying to find good looking shoes and when I finally get a pair that I love clubs start banning them! Adidas do have some nice non-golf shoes that would probably do the job.
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