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Used JPX-825 pros. 4-GW (GW is 50*). Dynamic Golf S300 Steel (stiff) shafts. Standard L/L/L. Used very regularly since Feb 2014, but still in great shape. 8.5/10. Shipping is included in price. Any offers welcome. Would prefer to deal with payments through PayPal.
I had no idea this channel was premiering tonight and randomly saw a show called "Off Par with Matty Blake" on the guide...ummm...I tried to give it a chance...but yeeeesh. It was like a mix of the worst SNL skits, a public access/deep cable show (not in HD), and a golf infomercial.   The one "skit" I watched, had a guy and his friend's gf waiting in a doctors office, the doc comes out and says, (insert terrible acting/improve) "...there's really nothing we can do, he's...
 That's pretty dang good lol. Definitely gives a better perspective (for me anyway) on what "good" is, thanks.  I look at the PGA stats sometimes...last time I looked, the tour stats for GIR were 50% (worst) - 70% (best). These do not include nGIR, right? 
LOL seriously...  This is an idea for a different thread obviously, but maybe a moderator can just give a "TST-defintion" of good and/or great "ball striking?" I understand that it's not a cut-and-dry subject, but at least we can have something to refer to in these "discussions." *Although some will argue with any statement that involves the phrases "scratch golfer" "figure it out" "great ball striking" or "workability with forged blades." 
   Word. Gotcha.
You didn't know? TST is the Real Housewives of the PGA now. Everyone's thoughts about a golfer's personal life are way too important not to post.
I don't think he meant literally the best ball striker in the world...
Oh yeah, for sure lol...goes without saying. I do like to mess around at a Roger Dunn/Golf Galaxy and these are on the radar now 
For the blade lovers out there. These look so clean!  
Yeah it's fun man. Maybe we can get out there soon...I'll be in touch.
New Posts  All Forums: