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Dude, those look amazing. Dreaming of the day I could play decently with irons like those.
 LMAO....did you get that from Crossfield's vlogs? Coach Lockey aka "Blocky" lol
Cell phone camera?! 
So I tried what Mike taught me with a large bucket of full swings and it didn't work so I'm going to try some other quick fixes.....JUST KIDDING! That was my best Kyle impression    Anyway...after my lesson with @mvmac and Dana last Saturday I have been focusing on getting comfortable with the stronger grip by just doing it as much as possible. At home, at the office, etc. Starting to feel more natural, but I still have to consciously go through each step of getting each...
 LOL  Yup...imagine her looking pretty much the same (but better) at 17-18 yrs old and being a cheerleader...let's just say I wasn't watching the court when our school played her's in basketball   Yeah you're right they are cousins...my bad...been 15+ years since high school lol.
Wow Nick Watney with his first good round in like 40 years lol...he went to my rival high school and his sister was insanely hot (I think she does some MLB show on TV).   Do you know/remember who Heidi Watney is @Golfingdad ?
"I was B-Fit for Bridgestone Tour B330-S golf balls"   Adam Scott -10 Luke Donald -10 Matt Jones -10
Great tourney...stoked for Rory (and Rickie). It was super fun to watch those two together.   Didn't someone pick Rory at -17 but forgot to follow the instructions??? LOL
 Right...I just didn't want them on my YouTube account for other reasons and had forgotten that they were linked here. 
 It's an Amp Forged 3-iron with a graphite Matrix Ozik hM2 X-stiff shaft
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