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Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the finale yet....don't click this post I'm glad Jimmy took "Bub" down. He has a solid swing and if he could get his putting nerves under control he'd be a super tough competitor. He had a lot more distance off the tee than I thought. On a 505yd par 5 he only had 199 left on his 2nd shot...real easy tempo and good balance. Thought it was a decent finale. Made me realize how much nerves come into play. Overall an interesting season....
QFT...is this golf or TMZ? Lol
Definitely staged. Shithead keeps looking at the camera in the middle of his "fit." Docuhe bag...reminds me of 80% of the bro-golfers in Orange county.
CH3 playing the 850 Forged...wonder if he can still "work" the ball??   
Hope she's OK. Those types of seizures are sometimes associated with strokes, I believe. Scary for someone so young.
It was his short game that let him down, right? Have you read LSW?  It won't take much to get his touch back. I though he hit some great "full swing" shots, on the back 9 in particular.
Adam Carolla Show Joe Rogan Experience BS Report Surf Splendor
Exactly. I think when people think "PGA Tour" stats, they only recall what they see on TV, which is whoever is playing GREAT on that particular day/tournament. Not every tour player is shooting par or less every tournament.
The R15 looks like a Transformer.
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