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Cool story bro                      ;)
Cool...I need to try that. I always see inside left heal..
How far forward is the ball in your driver setup?
LOL! NO WAY?? What happened? Did he pull an Ernie from earlier this season?
Range today. Regressed a sh*tload on Key #2. Need to work on that.   Not exactly happy with how it looks but pretty happy with the ball flight, distances, and consistency. Misses are pushes or hooks. Any pointers always welcome.    
With a rare set like that, you will probably just have to check ebay on a regular basis. The only thing I found on there was a single 8-iron. Good luck!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Daiwa-DG-201-Blade-8-Iron-Steel-Regular-Flex-/261096704261?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item3cca938905
Gotcha. Point well taken.
"longer back stroke" "feel the weight of the putter" "just drop it onto the back of the ball" "with a slight release" I think he actually covered it quite well in the allotted 10-20 seconds he had. Of course, this is TST so someone always has to find a way to complain...
LOL...yeah, don't forget the little people @iacas 
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