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 I'm glad someone has some common sense on here. 
 Trust me, I wish I would have saved time and not read it, or responded, or responded again here lol (I guess I'm wasting my sunday away until football starts). I read it because I thought it sounded interesting, then when I finished I realized that neither "side" of this "discussion" has any real impact on golf, playing golf, OWGR, or anything else. That's all I'm saying.
So, this article that you are disproving didn't actually provoke any changes in the OWGR, correct? So you wrote a long dissertation to disprove an article that has no real influence? Why don't you just send a letter to the people who wrote the article, instead of posting it on here where it has absolutely no use.
 So all of that was to say that you don't believe what a 2012 study on the OWGR concludes?
 Absolutely not lol. I enjoy following NBA, NFL and pro surfing a lot more than golf. Playing golf probably comes in 3rd, after basketball and surfing.
Yes, videos. I ask because the sample video he showed was not in HD. Thanks for the info.   Edit: I don't know much about the specs of video cameras. Just getting into filming recently. This seems like a great deal tho.
This camera does not record in HD, correct?
Becoming? I think they've overtaken TM at this point. 4-5 different drivers in the last year, and as many iron sets. Insane.
Someone has too much time on their hands 
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