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Wow...those are some good looking wedges.
 Yeah, that's true. 
 Haha ok...I wasn't quoting him. And what you wrote is still just common sense. 
LOL, love Parfield...there's not much to say about this, really. He's basically saying to just use common sense. If you can play scratch golf, you don't need lessons. If you can't hit the ball where you want to, then you need lessons. 
 You are not alone my friend. It's also insanely annoying when I see him standing behind a player on the practice range, then later on he's saying how he gave that player a tip and now he's hitting better shots lol. I think that he really believes that he's the most important man in golf. Beyond laughable.
I used to hit my driver, 3w and Hyb this way at times, and the source of this problem was trying to swing too hard.
You'll probably get bumped over here anyway but...   http://thesandtrap.com/t/72221/walking-vs-riding
"sinkwhole"...how am I supposed to work after that. I'm crying-laughing over here
Spieth should walk over to Faldo on the practice range and give him pointers, then take credit for any good shots Faldo hits during his rounds.
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