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Canucks fan here. It's funny to see some of these old posts about how "Winnipeg might get a team again" and "if they'd just put the Wings in the East where they belong". Both end up happening! Too funny
There is competition. It's called golf "clone" companies. Look them up. Many people hate these companies but if you're looking for value then that's where you should look.
I'm barely 5'7 and I ordered a 35" putter. Pings website recommended it as I tend to have an upright stance. However, I'm so new to the game I'm just not sure yet. At least I can cut the shaft if I need to. 
Vancouver, BC here. I was in Edmonton over the holidays however. Lots of family in Alberta.
My title is Inside Sales at Wesco Distribution. Were an electrical wholesaler....sound fun doesn't it? 
I considered buying Gigagolf. I know it sounds terrible but I can't stand their name. Sound so........lame. I give them creidt, their reviews are spectacular but I couldn't pull myself to buy a set from them. I chose Pinemeadow instead...
Just bought a whole set of Pinemeadow clubs. See my other posts to see which ones. I'll post pictures once I get them and eventually feeback on them.
I wasn't really on a budget, but the whole fitting aspect of Pinemeadow was a huge seller for me as well. I didn't get fit in person but I used online charts based on height and wrist to floor measurements as well as a session at Golf Town using the TaylorMade Rocketbladez at different lengths they already had there. It was funny because my results ended up being what I expected before I had known anything about golf fitting. I use to tell my brother who I golfed with a...
No sir not a spammer here. When I pick up my clubs in a week or so I'll post some pictures. My posts are only referencing Pinemeadow because those are the clubs I actually bought. I also respect the whole Research and Development argument from the OEM's. That's one of the main reasons why clones are cheaper, they don't do R&D. However, that doesn't mean they're lesser quality clubs. Truth is, I will find out sooner than later and I'll have a first hand opinion on them. But...
I just bought a whole set plus more of some Pinemeadow clubs (clones) since I'm new to the game. I've played about 10 rounds over a 1 1/2 years span and I'm what you would expect from a new golfer skill wise. I haven't calculated my handicap but I'm sure it's way up there. Over the 1 1/2 year span I've been using a mix of hand me down Top-Flites from my brother and randoms that felt good from the local Value VIllage. I went with Pinemeadow for a few reasons.    - They...
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