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First off, I haven't hit the AP2's so I can't be for sure as to what they feel like, but your best bet is simply to match the specs of the AP2's as best you can with a set from Gigagolf. So basically find the set the matches the lofts, look, shafts, and grips....at least as closely as possible. I would say total weight of the clubs is likely important also.Not sure if you have heard of Pinemeadow Golf but I believe their most recent set is suppose to be clones of the...
I don't think anyone should go as far as to say clones are "better" than OEM clubs but certain brands can make a good case for being just a good. I mean, I'm seeing some people on here saying "you don't see pros using Giga clubs and don't give the endorsements for big OEM's excuse....." and so on. Well, seriously, the main reason they're not used by pros is because the market space for "top end gear" is already full and controlled by capitalist giants that small companies...
Now that I've played for a bit and tried some different things, I have a more over the top style and have cut my putter down to 31". Feels really nice. I have been at Golf Town a lot trying all sort of putters and I have come to really like the feel of the Odyssey White Hot Pro #9. I'll be purchasing this in a 33" since that's the shortest length they're sold in. I don't think I'll modify it though considering you can just choke up if need be and in all reality I'm still...
SouPinemeadow sounded more "golfish" to me. In a meadow with pine trees... kinda seems like a more appropriate name for a golf company lol. I must say I was looking at the TRX ion control irons and the white TRX bag and was thinking they'd probablly look pretty sweet regardless of the name. I almost wish I bought those instead.
Canucks fan here. It's funny to see some of these old posts about how "Winnipeg might get a team again" and "if they'd just put the Wings in the East where they belong". Both end up happening! Too funny
There is competition. It's called golf "clone" companies. Look them up. Many people hate these companies but if you're looking for value then that's where you should look.
I'm barely 5'7 and I ordered a 35" putter. Pings website recommended it as I tend to have an upright stance. However, I'm so new to the game I'm just not sure yet. At least I can cut the shaft if I need to. 
Vancouver, BC here. I was in Edmonton over the holidays however. Lots of family in Alberta.
My title is Inside Sales at Wesco Distribution. Were an electrical wholesaler....sound fun doesn't it? 
I considered buying Gigagolf. I know it sounds terrible but I can't stand their name. Sound so........lame. I give them creidt, their reviews are spectacular but I couldn't pull myself to buy a set from them. I chose Pinemeadow instead...
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