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Thanks for the info. They seem to play the same as TT DSG300 so my fears about them being super stiff do not seem founded. My guess is that these were the stepped shaft equivalent of True Temper for the New Brunswick shaft company, better known for their Rifle shafts.   Would like to know who decided to call them Z-11 though....and not mention REG or STIFF anywhere on the bands.
Thanks..sent them an email yesterday.   I should have noted in my earlier post..these are NOT rifle, stepless shafts...they have steps. Shaft band also says By Chicago Golf on them...   I am guessing circa 1997-98?   I would just like to determine the flex and weight without going to a club specialist in my area, whom I assume could check the frequency for me.   thanks
Longtime reader here but first time posting to a forum. I am a big Mizuno fan but never got around to trying the MP-29s until a cheap set just fell into my lap from eBay. I assume the shafts are too stiff for me (and have a new set of Dynaflite R300s that were just pulled from a set of MP-60s ready to put in them) but I have never seen this model name on Royal Precision shafts before...   They say Royal Precision, FCM Z-11.   I have searched online a bit and found...
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