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Just buy the one that looks best to you. Personally, I think the Nike Covert (cavity) drive is NOT GOOD LOOKING.   I guess I'm just old-school.
This just happened a few days ago. Our group was waiting to tee off on the 1st hole, about 375yards. A dad playing with his son. The boy looked about 11/12 years old. The father tells the boy to hit from the blue tees so he can get used to it. So, the poor boy kept hitting from the blue tees on each hole. The boy hit it ok most of the time, but the ball barely reached the fairway, leaving him along way to go for his approach shots. The back 9 we didn't follow them. We...
Well, it's TV....so "fake" is acceptable.
How can game of golf pass you by...especially at such young age (he was still in his 20s when he won the Open)?I mean, the fundamental golf swing hasn't changed in like a million years.
Seems like a lot of work to maintain a yardage book. . For us hackers, I think a rough estimate of yardage, give or take a few yards, is enough.
 I've never understood why Tiger wanted to change a swing that won him multiple majors..The answer, I guess, would be "to win even more majors at a faster rate". But, why tinker with something that was working so well?Anyway.... as they say..."Time will tell"....
If Tiger fails to win 4 more majors, he would be the first to say Jack was better. . FWIW: I think it's difficult to compare players from different era.
.I totally agree..I usually don't care even if we had something on the line..Three year of his crap....Enough is enough .....and the gall to say I'm petty for calling him out.
Jez-us Christ! . 99 degrees, felt like 105. Shot 83 including two double-bogies and 7 bogies. 39 front; 44 back.
I agree with what others have post....and... Make sure you carry mace.
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