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Tempo, tempo, tempo. Tempo like Phil Mickelson. To me his tempo is perfect. It's not too fast and, more important, NOT TOO SLOW. . I think lot of amatures take "take it back deliberately and slow" literally and they take their back swing way too slow and never generate enough swing momentum.
You didn't get my point, but that's on me.
Even IF, a big "if", he is on steroids, would help him win more? Golf isn't anything like football, basketball or even baseball.
Agree totally. Never knew how to conscientiously CREATE a straight wrist at impact. When I tried and tried and tried it just screwed me up. But relax and ALLOW it to happen...works much better.
Sorry. I'm not too much into gadgets when it comes to golf, except for alignment sticks when I'm at a range. The best advice an instructor gave was "if your swing start correctly it will probably end correctly with little input from you. If your swing starts bad....", well, You know where I'm going with this, I'm sure. . In most cases there is a fine line between a good swing and a bad swing. "That's why one day your swing feels "way off". And the next day your swing...
It's all in your head.
I thought shanking usually result from the backswing that's too flat, which can cause you to yank the club handle, which prevents your from turning the club head square.... Just a thought. Good luck.
Usually one or two lesson isn't enough. They may give you one or two good tips. But the thing is those tips are only good if the other parts of your swing is sound. So, in order to fully get the picture, take lots of lessons.
I can break 80 consistently. I have way too many 3 putts. I sometimes miss 2 footers. Why do I suck so bad at putting?
I had a really good instructor, until he moved to VA. Some instructor end up just confusing you more than before.
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