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Camping, basketball and annual pilgrimage to aggie football in College Station.
Little off topic, but I think Paige Mackenzie is a hottie.
One more thing.   If you live here and embrace the American culture and you want to be an American, you are an American. I hate it when people come to this country and don't give a damn about our culture. If you're going to live and benefit from living here, be an American... or at least pretend like you appreciate why you CHOSE to live here.
She went to school and trains in USA, so, she is an American. Period.
Whatever it's worth...I have a set of cleveland 588 TT Irons.Before that I had CG Gold tour irons.Both are great clubs.
Max distance I hit with any kind of accuracy. Driver: 265 3 wood: 230 5 wood: 215 3 hybrid: 200 4 hybrid: 190 5 iron: 180 6 iron: 170 7 iron: 160 8 iron: 150 9 irons: 140 46: 130 50: 115 54: 105 58: 90 Putter: 40 feet
Seems like he needs professional help. Otherwise, golf, for us hackers, is just a game we play for fun.
Hard for me to sit and watch golf on TV; even the majors. Im a big Dallas Mavericks fan so, I love watching basketball.
I tend to hit high. I stay away for double digit lofts. I sometimes use my Mizuno MP600. So, I can make adjustment.
Just buy the one that looks best to you. Personally, I think the Nike Covert (cavity) drive is NOT GOOD LOOKING.   I guess I'm just old-school.
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