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 Whatever it's worth.....I read that the reason why you tend to do better when you're in a tough spot, is because you tend to visualize the shot more, rather than [over] think about the mechanics of your swing.
.That's just golf.There's always the next hole, next nine and next time.
How do you know he is no longer "doing the business"?I mean he's not married anymore. And Von already said she isn't interested in getting married.....[with Tiger]
Answering one's own questions....priceless.:-\
It's not too late for tiger yet..Someone will break it...at some time in the future.I probably will be long gone by then....
Little over 8 rounds per month...... probably not.
5 years ago I was sure he was going to break Jack's 18-major-wins record. But now, I think that record is safe for another 25 years.
Couldn't agree more.
They should have Paige Mackenzie on more often.
New Posts  All Forums: