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Hmmm ...What's wrong with Bubba?
Favorites: Earnie Els, Adam Scott and Freddie Couples (does Freddie count?) . Least Favorite: N/A..can't think of anyone particular.
As far as I'm concerned, if you can break 80 on any given course from the advanced/blue tees, your in a select "few" group.
 With the risk of belaboring a point, just one more thing about the golf grip that I learned.The function of a golf grip is to make your hands little as possible which facilitate a better release. That's why we don't grip a golf club like a hockey stick..I think if humans had two fingers and a thumb on each hand, golf would be easier for us.....of course that would make doing our other daily tasks more difficult....like throwing a foot ball. :-).Anyway, just my opinion.
Few months ago I was playing really early morning. Saw a bobcat chasing a rabbit. They disappeared into some thick brush, Poor rabbit, probably got eaten.
My 46• cleveland wedge. Replaced my standard PW. So versatile and easier to use than the PW that come with the standard set.
.Yeah...well, golf swing is already an unnatural sequence of movements to execute anyway. IMO, I don't see how you can get proper/full release with a ten finger grip.
hmmm.... How do you know that you're not sacrificing distance or accuracy?Once you get acclimated to the "proper" golf grip it may make a big difference in  your game. Do you know any top player on the PGA, or the Web.com, tour who uses the baseball grip?.Just saying....
Shouldn't the "lean" happen naturally? It just happens, Right?
Make sure your stance at address is stable and sustainable throughout your swing.   Make sure your weight is center between the balls of your feet and your heels at address   Try not to hunch, or slouch...back straight bend at the waist. Try not to slide off the ball to much one way or the other. Shoulders leveled, relative to the target line, at impact . Do all this without feeling tense or strain....relax. . Probably you've heard all this before. As you get...
New Posts  All Forums: