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Ahhh. you think march11934 is my birth date? (1934)   ...    11934 was a zip code. 
No, in my forties. No wonder your questioning my distance. I have no idea where your finding this info, i looked around and the only thing i can find is my join date. Not in my 80's.    I figured out my pull issue. My grip. Strong left hand (i can see most of my knuckles) with a right handed swing. I keep varying away from it and gradually loose control of my swing until i remember to strengthen it and everything comes back. I find my left hand effects the quality of the...
Yep, i do hit my G25 3 Wood 250 without an issue. If i lay into it it can go a bit further. And yes unfortunately whatever i am doing with driver is starting to cary over to my 3 Wood. I normally play from the Blue tee's and leaving driver out of the bag would make some holes a bit more difficult. The other day I was trying a G30 3 Wood as was getting up to 109mph  265+. Prior to this duck hook thing.... probably something i have to spend some time and work out. This...
Well i met with an instructor Saturday morning. Made a correction with my stance. Said my left shoulder was up too high and tense. So i flattened out my shoulders and seemed to get a nice draw and plenty of distance.   today i went out to play a round. Pretty easy course with wide fairways. What a disaster. I am not hooking my 3 Wood along with my driver.   No solution. I suck.
Interesting read, I'm going through the same exact thing. Driver has caused my to have fits on par 5's. I have recently switched to 3 wood for almost all Par 4's cause I'm loosing faith in my driver. Used to be one of my favorite clubs in the bag. Back when it was having no problem hitting driver it was the only club that would go with a slight fade. Everything else from 3 wood to wedge was a draw. I didn't mind it. It was actually not a bad thing cause i would use driver...
Sounds like someone owe's you a 20 spot.
I game with MP52's but practice hitting into a net with a spare set of MP33's. There is a little adjustment in the top line thickness of the 52's but that is it. Overall I try to practice my tempo with the 33's as they are a little heavier and harder to get fast on the back swing. 
Is it about the look or the result? Zach Johnson seems to pull the results of keeping it straight down the middle all day long. Driver, wedge, guy rarely misses.
Good luck with the MP4's. Very nice looking clubs. I have a set of 33's that i practice with. I game with 52's since they are lighter and go a bit farther. Never noticed a difference in forgiveness between the two clubs.  Regards.
One thing that can tighten up your tournament game is by possibly getting more serious with your practice rounds. I don't know what you do in non tournament rounds but maybe your expectations of yourself are higher because you might be getting overly critical of yourself during the tournament adding pressure to yourself that you might not deserve. I have about 20 years of playing billiards tournaments in NY/NJ area. Some were locally sanctioned and some were side action....
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