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North Palm Beach CC is 5 miles away. Might try that one. Maybe Palm Beach Gardens Municipal as well. Gonna try and get 3 rounds in. Thanks for the suggestions!
This thread is 2 years old, but I am gonna be on Singer Island/Palm Beach Shores at the end of February.  Are the suggestions above still valid? I would like to play somewhere nearby and inexpensively. Thanks.
Update:   Decided to play Bali Hai instead next time around. I am aware that it might be a little bit of a tourist trap and of the constant airport noise, but I got a good pre-paid rate and with the reduced cab fare (being on the strip) it will be a wash.
I am thinking I will try the Palm at Angel Park next. I am back again in March. Thanks again for you feedback Ay33660.
Ay33660, why do you feel Badlands is better? My playing partner yesterday mentioned Badlands too. Also, have you played the Palm course at Angel? If so, how is it? Thanks
So I played Angel Park yesterday (Mountain Course).   Here is my feedback:   * If you dont hit well, you dont have much chance to scramble as there are giant desert ditches along and intertwined most of the fairways. Its very hard to locate your ball in these let alone hit it from there.   * The greens were very fast and quite sloped on many holes. Even with a most delicate tap the ball would often go rolling past the hole ~10 feet or so (on downhill putts and not so...
I have been working with a new instructor to try and improve my swing. Its work in progress right now, but in the mean time I have been battling a case of the shanks. My instructor is away for a bit so I can't run it by him yet, but I tried the drill below from David Leadbetter and it worked right away for me. Basically address the ball with the hosel and try and hit off the toe. I hit a couple off the toe (which is still 100 times better than a shank) and then magically...
Thanks for the feedback mmoan2. I am pretty sure you are right and that my swing mechanics are mostly the same whether the shot is perceived to be good or bad. Although in this case, it went beyond mechanics (I think). I believe that something gets turned off almost like a short circuiting. Then its quitting time and a full reset is needed. Time needs to elapse. Anyway, I decided to get additional instruction (with a pro) as the season is pretty much over where I am at. We...
This is an older thread, but I had a similar experience today. I went to the dome to hit some balls. Hit a few with my wedges, irons, wood & driver. Maybe a little over ~30 total. All and all fairly decent shots...about what I am used to.   Then something happened. Seemingly out of the blue. I wasn't able to hit ANYTHING. Went back to the wedge and started shanking. I tried multiple times on different irons as well and could not hit anything. It was really as if I had...
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