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 A couple of points I’ll make: * Timing is wrong. Being critical of your leader at the press conference immediately following the defeat in front of your leader and the world is disrespectful and hurtful to him and many others. There is etiquette on and OFF the course. Especially when you are part of a team. * Tom did not play in the event and cannot make birdies as a captain. 12 others did. All championship caliber players. They did not get the job done. * Last time Tom...
Phil was wrong. Seems pretty clear to me. You don't criticize your leader an hour after the end of the match in front of him and in front of the world's media. Classless. You win and lose as a team (Ryder Cup is a team event). Suck it up and give the the other team credit. Phil should have known better not to take the bait from the press. Furyk's remarks were appropriate. I wouldn't be surprised to see an apology forthcoming in the coming days.
Yes..Lots of golf courses here too  :)
UPDATE: I played today and made a conscious effort NOT to take any divots on practice shots (assuming they were in fairway or off the tee on par-3s). With the exception of one time, I was successful in keeping the club out of the ground and just "brushing". However, some of my iron shots were not great. Gonna keep working on this.
Looks like you are in Canada. Gets pretty cold here too soon (Chicago), but should be able to play October & November.
Just ordered a copy. Looking forward to reading it.
So the better you are the more ingrained it is within you. Especially if you have been playing for a long time. The muscle memory and coordination and "feel" are there so the club knows where to go to make the proper contact with the ball. Is that what you are saying?
Your response makes sense. I guess my main curiosity is how "better" golfers are able to execute their swing without a practice swing or full practice swing (which may include taking a small divot). The touring pros don't appear to do it either. I hit my shots thin when I rush my practice shot or don't at least brush the ground during the practice shot.
Thanks for your reply. I want to "respect" the course and follow proper etiquette. This is the reason for my post. I am relatively new to the game so trying to understand how people deal with this. As an experienced golfer yourself, do you not have the need for practice shots or taking divots on them? Perhaps its just a psychological thing for me and I really don't need to dig in?
Before each shot I take one practice shot. This helps my muscle memory get a feel for the club and distance to the ball/ground, etc.. When I am able to brush the ground or take a divot on the practice swing my actual shot tends to be good. If I miss the ground on the practice shot and then proceed with the actual shot, it is usually not a good shot. I am concerned about violating etiquette by taking divots on the practice swing, but I also want to hit a good shot. Thoughts...
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