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 What's a good process for doing so? Any tips?  So true. This is the true key I believe
Thanks. The good news is that I in fact did so over the weekend.  It was a mixed round, but did very well on the back-9 (detailed in previous post). Appreciate the encouragement! Sometimes I feel like progress is just so elusive. I guess that's golf though and just have to keep reminding myself to be patient and set proper expectations..
Saw this in another post/thread:----------------------------------------------Appendix I, Part A, paragraph 2b pertains: 2. Water Hazards b. Ball Played Provisionally Under Rule 26-1 Permitting play of a ball provisionally under Rule 26-1 for a ball that may be in a water hazard (including a lateral water hazard) of such character that, if the original ball is not found, it is known or virtually certain that it is in the water hazard and it would be impracticable to...
UPDATE: I broke 100 on Saturday! 97. Crazy round. 55 on front-9 and 42 on back-9 (3 pars and a birdie on the the back).   1 Birdie 3 pars 6 bogies 6 doubles 2 quadruples   3 fairways 2 GIRs 2 penalties 0 sand shots 31 putts Observations: 1) I was not penalty free. Mishit a drive out of bounds on #2 and hit one into a water hazard on #4. 2) Most of my tee shots off the par-4s and par-5s (Driver) were not that good. My typical miss right now is a slice to the right. I...
I have been playing for a year as well. I have had 2 birdies to date. Celebrated the 1st one quite a bit. They were on a par-4 and a par-5. As others have said though, Birdies are for advanced level..If you just started playing though and have only played 4 times, I would say you are in very good shape so far.
Thanks for the support!
Same here. I'll have a really good session on the range with very few mishits/shanks..Then I get on the course and cant hit. I seem to struggle more on 1st hole or two (as a general rule). Perhaps it is just nerves/tension that needs to be shaken off or maybe inadequate warmup. I try not to over do the warmups though as then I am just fatigued before even stepping foot on the course..
Thanks PJCdude. Good to hear from others that are around the same level. As far as the penalties, I don’t think that is the sole criteria. Sure, if you have too many it will cost you, but in general if you are hitting decent drives (straight or left/right of fairway) and decent approach shots (without too many mishits) then you can recover from the penalties. As far as the putting, mid-30s is typical for me. Just to be clear, I am not counting putts that I make off the 1st...
Thanks. I do spend a lot of time either playing or at the practice range/green. Initially I took some lessons as well with 2 different instructors. I am not working with anybody though right now as I want to just play and get some reps under my belt. At some point I think you have to just do it. Not saying that I wouldn't get more instruction at some point, but for now I have what I need and the rest needs to happen naturally over time (IMO).
Thanks for all the feedback here.   In summary, the correct course of action is: --------------------------------------------------------------- 1) play a provisional ball from the tee 2) proceed to approximate original ball exit area and see if original ball can be located within the hazard area (everything leading up to the fence). 3) If original ball is located within hazard area, play ball (2nd stroke) or take a drop with 1-penalty stroke (3rd stroke). 4) if...
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