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Yep, could very well be. Gonna try National next time I am in town (discussed earlier in this thread).
Played Bali Hai this week. Overall, a good round, but wouldn't play there again.   My 2-cents worth:   Pros: - On the strip and close cab ride to all major hotels. - fairways and greens in good condition. - Well manicured and pretty/picturesque course (lots of green and palm trees) - Challenging course with water and bunkers protecting most holes. - Lots of staff and good service.   Cons: - No GPS/screen in carts. For the price range this course is in, there...
I played North Palm Beach CC, The President CC, & Palm Beach Gardens Golf courses this past week. Here is my feedback.   North Palm Beach: Very nice course aesthetically Only 5-day advance booking and no advance booking if single Surprisingly busy in afternoons Pricey for a public non-resort type course   President: Very nice course aesthetically Lots of water on many different holes Staff a little laid back and pro shop not particularly...
  This is on #3 (par-5) from Friday's round. Dustin Johnson hit his tee shot in the water. He is discussing his drop with the rules official. His next shot ricocheted off a palm tree back into the water again.  After a second drop, he made it to the green and 2-putted for a double.
I was there Friday. Weather sucked, but amazing to see the players and their golf from up close. Just mind blowing to see how well they strike the ball. They are in complete control and balance with beautiful tempo. Distances are off the charts. Lots of draw ball flights.
I'll have to add that to the list as well. Thanks.
 Going to Honda Classic too. Just PM'd you..
I had not heard of President CC. That's not too far from where I will be. I am not able to book any tee times for last week of February (tried North Palm Beach CC, Palm Beach Gardens Muni & just now President CC). Tried golfnow as well. I dont think they take reservations for more than a week in advance. Not sure why that is? I hope it wont be a problem later on.
classic! Now I really want to play there  :)
Hmm.. I had not heard of National. Looks like it is ~3.5 miles from strip. Very close and reasonable price. Might have to look at that.
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