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Thanks for the feedback mmoan2. I am pretty sure you are right and that my swing mechanics are mostly the same whether the shot is perceived to be good or bad. Although in this case, it went beyond mechanics (I think). I believe that something gets turned off almost like a short circuiting. Then its quitting time and a full reset is needed. Time needs to elapse. Anyway, I decided to get additional instruction (with a pro) as the season is pretty much over where I am at. We...
This is an older thread, but I had a similar experience today. I went to the dome to hit some balls. Hit a few with my wedges, irons, wood & driver. Maybe a little over ~30 total. All and all fairly decent shots...about what I am used to.   Then something happened. Seemingly out of the blue. I wasn't able to hit ANYTHING. Went back to the wedge and started shanking. I tried multiple times on different irons as well and could not hit anything. It was really as if I had...
Thanks for the feedback. I think I am just gonna go with MConstantineJr's suggestion of Angel Park. Seems easy enough. If I wasn't short on time I would try and explore more..
Perfect. Thanks again!
Thank you for that. I see it is around ~13 miles from the hotel I will be at on the strip which should be an easy cab ride. There are 2 courses: Palm & Mountain. Any suggestion/recommendation as to which one?
I am going to be in Vegas in January and want to squeeze in a round of golf while there. Would like to find something as close to strip as possible (short on time) and inexpensive (no more than $100). Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance for any pointers!
 A couple of points I’ll make: * Timing is wrong. Being critical of your leader at the press conference immediately following the defeat in front of your leader and the world is disrespectful and hurtful to him and many others. There is etiquette on and OFF the course. Especially when you are part of a team. * Tom did not play in the event and cannot make birdies as a captain. 12 others did. All championship caliber players. They did not get the job done. * Last time Tom...
Phil was wrong. Seems pretty clear to me. You don't criticize your leader an hour after the end of the match in front of him and in front of the world's media. Classless. You win and lose as a team (Ryder Cup is a team event). Suck it up and give the the other team credit. Phil should have known better not to take the bait from the press. Furyk's remarks were appropriate. I wouldn't be surprised to see an apology forthcoming in the coming days.
Yes..Lots of golf courses here too  :)
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