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iacas,   With the longer clubs its a curved flight right when I don't get back square.   But with the wedges and half swings it just goes straight right 45 degrees because of the open clubface.
Hey azgolfer, thanks for the tip. I already have a fairly strong grip but I will have a tinker with your suggestion when practising.   It's certainly a frustrating problem!
Thanks 69below :)  It's a frustrating problem becuase I can hit 50 balls great then suddenly I start unconsciously doing something different.  Then the mental doubt creeps in and its really tough to stay soft and tension free when you ate worried about hitting it so far offline!
Hi everyone ... not sure if this is the correct forum but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction if not. I've been struggling with a particular issue since returning to golf and its frustrating me no end. In my original incarnation as a golfer, basically picking up the game as a kid with no lessons, I adapted my own swing with a fairly closed clubface. Along with a strong reverse pivot this allowed me to be relatively consistent but lacking in...
Yes it has been quite pleasant so far ... fairly mild and great golf weather for the most part. Tempeatures will probably soar in the next few weeks though!   I have thought about swing video, I'll have to check out the best way to take one via iPhone, I will search around and see what the best method is.   Thanks for the welcome!
Hi everyone   I've just returned to golf after a five year absence ... life got too busy and also being honest I had reached a level of frustration with my game because I could not find a way to improve. I had managed to get my handicap down to 19, but seemed to be stuck in the 19-21 bracket. Historically my short game was generally ok but my distance is terrible. I don't hit the ball long mainly due to what I think is a bad reverse pivot habit ... I never learned...
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