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They should be still available at Callaway's pre-owned golf site (http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com/golf/drivers,default,sc.html).   I got a classic WB Great Big Bertha 10 degree driver and it was so much easier to hit it over the new 460cc heads. Maybe it's a psychological thing on my part - but I find it less intimidating to swing a smaller club head over those ginormous new drivers.
Felt that creating another thread would make it a duplicate of this one; and I'm of the belief that scanning for existing discussions and joining it is better than creating a new one especially if the topics are closely related.  As for proficiency - I only played 3 times so far (like I said earlier - I just started). I play regularly on a small course (Par 66 4,828 yardage); Wedge Proficiency is getting better: I can hit the PW at about 90 to 105 yards, my sand wedge...
Ouch! I just bought two RBZ clubs. I guess I like pedestrian stuff. Oh well. :-S
I have only room for one more club in my bag - otherwise I violate the 14 club rule (which btw I have another question - does the 14 club count include or excludes the putter - I know its a stupid question but just making sure - me being a newbie and all)   I have a 48 degree PW and a 56 degree SW, which club should I get, a Lob Wedge or a Gap Wedge? If I haven't mentioned it yet, I'm a newbie.
  My apologies for not getting things straight. Apparently I hit a nerve on that. But my contention - even if people assert that this is "simpleminded", is we judge greatness by the the competition they join. Earlier I mentioned Michelle Kwan not having won an Olympic Gold Medal. Granted it is unfair but it is what people measure her by - because the Olympics is the pinnacle of all skating competitions.  The same way the NBA championship is the pinnacle of a US...
How much did you get those for and where?
While statistically, Tiger has won more, he still has to win more majors than Jack in order for him to be "GOAT". I hate to use this analogy, but it's the closest that comes to mind. Michelle Kwan - decorated figure skater in U.S. history -  The standard for greatness in her sport. She's won more World Championship gold medals than anyone except for one other US skater (Maribel Vinson) but there's that asterisk in her record - she has not won the Olympic gold medal. Same...
Yes - my bad. He did win it 2001 and 2002.
I'm a beginner so I'll take advice from anyone's who's played longer than I have, which I believe, is a lot of people on the course. But sometimes, it's not welcome especially if you know what you need to do and you're just training your body to do it.    I played with someone who kept opening his mouth as I was about to hit the ball and I just got fed up. He's been playing a while so I was expecting him to know golf etiquette, but I guess he was trying to encourage a...
BTW, Tiger has never won the Masters back-to-back
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