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I used to carry more but realized those were the only (5)clubs I ever use. Now I leave the others in my garage and just attenuate my swing for each shot... I also sometimes carry a 3 iron.
Well... I play with one Hybrid (22°), two irons(Pitching & 7), my driver & putter. Anything more is complicated.    I'm just looking to see what club #s I need to address for labeling and packaging purposes (I'm designing a hybrid club cover that transforms to a beverage Koozie (*patent pending)). The products about done, just some minor details left to address.
Good direction on the ball positioning.. I was wondering what was best there. Sounds like the most common Hybrids would be the 3,4,&5... does this sound about right?
How many types/angles for hybrid clubs are there? and/or - what are the standard one(s), are they labeled 1/3/5, or 15 degree/22 degree, etc?
I leave the clubs uncovered when I play... maybe I'm lazy. I don't really see the point since my clubs are already a bit worn. Is the purpose to keep them shiny new looking, or do minor blemishes really affect the way they hit?
When in play, I always cover my woods and driver but not hybrids or irons (or putter). I keep the hybrids near the woods so that they don't need protection, plus I figure any club that I hit from the rough(hybrid) wouldn't mind an occasional clink with a fellow club. 
When I golf, I typically keep my driver covered except to swing, the remaining clubs I take the cover off at the first hole and put back on after 18... is this right or what clubs do most people cover during the whole game? I imagine the irons and hybrids can be left unprotected while playing... thoughts?
Not a "real handicap" because I just want to golf. It's my vacation each time and I don't want to have to figure out the algorithms involved factoring course slope and review of past scorecards. I'm a par to boogie golfer, that's all. Not sure what the $25 your referring to is?
I did a search but couldn't find the above mentioned article myself. I'd be interested in reading the full thing, anyone have the link?
After many practices, I found two beers is ideal for my swing, >3 it goes downhill gradually.
New Posts  All Forums: