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Temecula sounds good to me being that it is close to my home in Poway.
Lets play golf?
I just started this year and yes in the beginning, I was that foolieo just trying to hit the ball. I had a full around the body sideways swing that was working for me. It went strait but not far at all. I practiced every day for a few months like that. Some of the people I played with could hit the ball like really far. I wanted that real bad so I began to research the golf swing and all my troubles began..... :-)   I never could get a video of myself but I knew as soon...
I work till 2:30 in Vista Monday through Friday. I am working today and I want to play. I could be in Temucla at 3:15. Do you want to play say 9 holes at Temucla Creek?
I love that place. It has some wide open greens that are very forgiving for new players like myself.
Anyone in San Diego near Poway that is looking for someone to play golf with?
New Posts  All Forums: