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Patch,   If they were not partners there would be no penalty to  either  in stroke play (18-1)  or in match play (18-3a).
Agreed.  The only circumstance in which there would be a penalty   would be if the two were partners in a side. And if that were the case it would be A who incurred the penalty, not B (Rule 18-2a).
With reference to the white marker, it cannot signify a boundary.  A boundary has to be a line, which can only be defined by at least two markers.
I'd be very interested to know in what way these areas in the photos meet the Definition of a water hazard.
 Not  allowed.   See Decision 4-1/5  http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Decision-04/#d4-1-5
That's right.  Apologies for  a sloppy response.  
Yes, a bunker is a hazard and yes you are not allowed to touch the ground of a hazard if your ball is lying in it. (Rule 13-4).    At the time you are recreating your lie, your ball has been lifted and is not lying in the hazard.   Rule 20-3b(iii) explicitly instructs you to recreate the lie anyway.  How could you be penalised for doing what a Rule tells you to do?
If the original lie in a bunker was altered by the rake hitting the ball, the lie should be recreated and the ball replaced.  See Rule 20-3b(iii)
In terms of Rule 14-3, yes unless there is a Local Rule permitting the use of a distance measuring device. If there is such a Local Rule then you are fine using a device like an iPhone to measure distance provided it doesn't also gauge or measure other things which could assist your play (e.g. barometric pressure, temperature, wind direction and speed .........).
I was watching at the time - couldn't believe it!
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