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 I guess this is the shot you were referring to? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eztW5Hqe-7I
I'm sorry to say it but this at the least simply going to confuse and at worse mislead.  That's a polite way of saying that your "explanation" is nonsense. For a start, a ball in a water hazard is not completely unplayable even if it is in the water, and might well be in a dry lie.  One of your options if your ball is in a water hazard is to play the ball as it lies.  It is not that uncommon to play out of a water hazard.  It is not unknown for a player to play a ball that...
Additionally, it is recommended that the margins of a water hazard should take into account the possibility of awkward/unreasonable drops.  For example, the margins should include something which could make for an unreasonable drop: In general, lines or stakes defining the margins of a water hazard should be placed as nearly as possible along the natural limits of the hazard, i.e. where the ground breaks down to form the depression containing the water. This means that...
What made you think of Out of Bounds in the first place?  There is nothing in what you describe to suggest it. 
I can't  imagine that your man McIlroy will be much bothered about a bit of journalistic froth as he sits in his lounge and looks at that Claret Jug on the mantelpiece. 
i'm sure he was brushing the kid off and didn't intend to suggest otherwise.  The point is he was clearly going to be taken out the picture by the security guy anyway - nothing to do with a supposedly ruthless disregard of the boy by McIlroy.
It happened after he came off the 18th but not before he had finished in that he is not finished until he submits his scorecard.  There is a video in this article in which the writer typically jumps in and condemns McIlroy for doing what players are instructed to do - not give autographs till after submitting their cards.  As you will see, the security official on his left actually has his hand on the boy's arm to pull him back before McIlroy reacts and the other officials...
The only issue I reckon is how easily the boy slipped past  the security guys.
Yes, perfect sense.  Thanks for the reference.
Aha!  I'd forgotten about that Decision.  Could have save some time. 
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