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You were entitled to concede the hole, but you didn't need to.  Your partner played a wrong ball and is disqualified from the hole but you can replace your ball and continue on your own to play out the hole and even win it.  See Rule 30-3c.
That's assuming, reasonably,  that the water hazard isn't itself a 220 yard carry.       
Patch,   If they were not partners there would be no penalty to  either  in stroke play (18-1)  or in match play (18-3a).
Agreed.  The only circumstance in which there would be a penalty   would be if the two were partners in a side. And if that were the case it would be A who incurred the penalty, not B (Rule 18-2a).
With reference to the white marker, it cannot signify a boundary.  A boundary has to be a line, which can only be defined by at least two markers.
I'd be very interested to know in what way these areas in the photos meet the Definition of a water hazard.
 Not  allowed.   See Decision 4-1/5  http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Decision-04/#d4-1-5
That's right.  Apologies for  a sloppy response.  
Yes, a bunker is a hazard and yes you are not allowed to touch the ground of a hazard if your ball is lying in it. (Rule 13-4).    At the time you are recreating your lie, your ball has been lifted and is not lying in the hazard.   Rule 20-3b(iii) explicitly instructs you to recreate the lie anyway.  How could you be penalised for doing what a Rule tells you to do?
If the original lie in a bunker was altered by the rake hitting the ball, the lie should be recreated and the ball replaced.  See Rule 20-3b(iii)
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