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I can't  imagine that your man McIlroy will be much bothered about a bit of journalistic froth as he sits in his lounge and looks at that Claret Jug on the mantelpiece. 
i'm sure he was brushing the kid off and didn't intend to suggest otherwise.  The point is he was clearly going to be taken out the picture by the security guy anyway - nothing to do with a supposedly ruthless disregard of the boy by McIlroy.
It happened after he came off the 18th but not before he had finished in that he is not finished until he submits his scorecard.  There is a video in this article in which the writer typically jumps in and condemns McIlroy for doing what players are instructed to do - not give autographs till after submitting their cards.  As you will see, the security official on his left actually has his hand on the boy's arm to pull him back before McIlroy reacts and the other officials...
The only issue I reckon is how easily the boy slipped past  the security guys.
Yes, perfect sense.  Thanks for the reference.
Aha!  I'd forgotten about that Decision.  Could have save some time. 
This is a question of a single act resulting in two Rules being breached.  In order to apply only one penalty, we need to consider the relationship between the two Rules.  The example of a single penalty given in D1-4/12 is of raking a bunker being a breach of 13-4 and 13-2.  In that case you can see how close the two Rules are:  touching the ground in the bunker (13-4) can result in improvement of lie or line of play (13-2).     What is the relationship between hitting...
Both Fourputt and I have referred to the matter of who had the honour because if the OP's side had had the honour and their opponents had played out of turn, the OP's side could have recalled the strokes. Hardball looks for common sense in saving time - regardless of whose honour it was.   To clarify the situation where the OP's side has the honour.  .  If the opponents play out of turn without agreement, their strokes could have been recalled.  But if the OP's side say...
Provided it was their honour, they were not required by any Rule I know of to wait until you were present to see them. Such a rule would be very time-consuming, if you think of it . Consider the times in a game when you are not in a position to see an opponent or fellow competitor playing a shot. Your correct procedure if you believed they had breached a rule by not waiting, was to tell them you were making a claim and take the matter to the Committee after the game....
 I love the picture of you hitting a wedge shot  far enough from the hole and a sufficient height for the ball to be liable to bounce out, dropping your club instantly and haring off to the green in order to arrive at the hole at the same time as the ball,  to catch it on the rebound.  And to continue being fanciful, if you did that, you would be in breach of rule 1-2 by stopping your ball in play.  
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