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As Fr0sty has helpfully referenced. Thanks Mr Snowman.
There is nothing in the Rules of Golf to limit the number of balls you can use in a round.  Indeed if you run out of balls you can borrow from anyone.     I'm not aware of any tour condition of competition limits - other than where it is specified that the same make and model must be used throughout the round.
I recall an incident when Graeme McDowell's ball was in the trees, lying on twigs and leaves.  As he approached it, it moved although he didn't seem to think so and was set to carry on.  You could hear on the recording his caddie telling him he should call a referee, but he didn't and played it.  Result?  Two stroke penalty for moving the ball and not replacing it instead of the one stroke penalty if he had listened to his caddie, called in a referee and replaced his ball....
Well, you seem content to invent your own rules and  are not prepared to accept the real rules when explained to you.  Not much point in frequenting a rules forum, is there?   
As iacas points out,  that's just plain wrong as the Decision quoted in Post #7 told you.  The way you replace your ball  or your marker is to put it down on the ground as nearly as possible to where the marker had been.  .
Joe,The backing into the bush might have been ok as has been explained - we can't really tell - but the bit I've put in red sounds certainly a breach.  You are not entitled to "club clearance" and to take some sort of action like pushing a bush back in order to get it is not permitted.
Not quite.  The Local Rule authorised for the protection of young trees is for interference by the tree itself.  Stakes and wires are obstructions anyway, and relief could be taken for interference by them without that Local Rule being in place.
The critical questions here are:   Is the ball embedded? If so, where did it enter the ground?   One problem with the OP's description is that I don't know  in what direction the ball entered the ground nor at what point in the bunker.  The only way I can see a ball from a long shot embedding in  the ground outside the bunker and ending up with part of it showing through the face of the bunker,  is if the ball hit the ground just short of the front edge of the bunker....
My understanding - though I can't remember where I got it from - is that the USGA would have relief from an embedded ball through the green as a standard Rule but that the R&A is resistant because of a view of the traditional nature of the game.  The option of a Local Rule is a compromise.     If anyone can help with a reference to support this, I'd appreciate it.
May I tidy this up a bit just to be clear, because you can play a provisional even if your ball may have gone into a water hazard.  The Rule is clear: you can play a provisional ball if your ball might be lost outside a water hazard.  That implies that it could  be in the water hazard. The point is if you are not sure and there is a possibility the ball might be outside the water hazard you can play a provisional.  It is only if you know or are virtually certain that the...
New Posts  All Forums: