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David, I think you may be overlooking that the OP wrote "I thought the ball may have settled slightly down into the rough when I initially addressed it."    The only question is whether it moved.
Fourputt, I don't want to inflame things - quite the opposite - but it is simply that the word "thought"  carries an implication of the possibility of the situation being other than what it is thought to be.  It's just what the word does and it is therefore not quite precise enough in the rules context of "virtual certainty" and because it could mislead  it's better in a rules forum for it to be pointed out.
In addition to John's reference to Rule 28, you can also drop in a water hazard under 26-1b.
You can make any correction to your card before handing it in. You just have to be sure to involve your marker so that he is signing for the amended card.
That's correct - as I mentioned in post #3.    Rule 12-1a permits you to touch and move sand anywhere on the course if you believe your ball is buried.  If you find it, you must recreate its lie i.e. bury it again except that you are allowed to leave the top of it uncovered.
You will search a long time in the Rules and not find any mention of virtual certainty that a ball is lost in a bunker.  If a ball is not found in a water hazard, in an abnormal ground condition or an obstruction and you have knowledge or virtual certainty that it is in it, there are dropping options in addition to stroke and distance.  If your ball is known or virtually certain to be in a bunker but you can't find it, it is lost.  You should have played under stroke and...
if the ball is on the non-grass face of the bunker, it is in the bunker.  If it is in a hole between rocks on that face, you either play it or deem it unplayable.  If you deem it unplayable you must drop it no nearer the hole within 2 club lengths or back on the line from the hole through where the ball lay  within the bunker  or play from  where you played your previous shot.  One stroke penalty for any of those options.   If the ball is in the bunker and there is...
Well that just takes us back to the fact that they shouldn't be mixing stroke and match play in the first instance.  And if we apply the rules properly,  by agreeing to do  so they are agreeing to waive a rule of golf and are liable to disqualification.    Clearly I have much to learn about the difference in my understanding of what league golf is over here as opposed to over there.  
I know it's simple - my point being that it is important to determine that in advance to avoid get into a muddle during the game.
As turtleback says.  Rule 2-4 permits you to concede only  the next stroke, not the one after it.   Generally, it seems to me that the muddle you got into is a good illustration of why you are not allowed to mix stroke play and match play but if you must do it, you need to sort out in advance what you do about concessions which can be made in match play and the requirement to hole out in stroke play.
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