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Precisely what I was thinking as my cart-jacker drove away, and reading about these crazy events!
I was thinking tackle... as in "sacking the quarterback".
Failed to follow up yesterday.  Would you believe 111?  Just. Damn.
That's nuttier than the cart-jack.  Nuttier than squirrel-$hit, actually!
How are we measuring?  From ground to tip of grip, my putter is 35", but if we're measuring the tip of the grip to the insertion point of the shaft, it's 31.5".  I'm 5'4".
Wow! I don't know... I've known some loud Marines (the ones I'm related to), but that's over the top.  Whatever happened to "Sure guys, play through" ? I'm in Florida, and probably play six courses (all very close to me) on a regular basis.  On this particular course, there are no keys to the carts. Not sure how they do that... took me by surprise the first time, but haven't really thought much about it since.
I know I'm new, and I don't want to be perceived as a chronic complainer, because I'm really not.  (One day I want to be able to help someone with their game!)  I want to share this bizarre experience.  I checked with the staff after the incident, and they assured me that I'd done nothing wrong, and were shaking their heads along with me.   It's roughly 45 minutes before my tee time.  I was given a cart early because the driving range is a bit of a hike.  I finish up at...
I drink beer on the course (I'm usually a wine drinker) for the lower alcohol content and, well, it's more refreshing.  I'm not a lightweight, but anything stronger than beer would eventually lead to a buzz, which I don't think I could deal with out there.  To address the original question, I think it depends on the individual.  I've played without drinking, and my game didn't change.  
Last weekend, I played the worst game ever since I first swung a club (see http://thesandtrap.com/t/71854/stranger-yips#post_936741  if you want the gory details.)  Tomorrow, I'm heading out with my old friend and hope to shoot no more than 110.  
ALL of your replies have been helpful!  I'm very sorry to reply so late, but it's been an unusual week.   We could go on an on about this -- but it all boils down to simple psychology, albeit on many levels.  I intend to try again at the same course, and take with me everything suggested here.     Tomorrow, however, I'm going to reclaim my game.  More on that in the "What will you shoot tomorrow" thread.   Thanks again, everyone!
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