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FYI: I wrote to Wilson and they responded ... Yes, the FG-17 clubs (up until 1985 at least) are V-shaped grooves.
Who? Yes I still have my FG-17s, and I still play them. Great clubs.
Thanks. It was the eBay link (thank you very much) which I also found, about a week ago, that got me thinking. I'll try to contact Wilson and see what they say ... I'll post back if I get an answer.
HI,   I have a set of Wilson FG-17 irons, purchased in 1981. I want to get a groove tool, to retool the grooves, but I don't know the shape of the grooves? I think they are V grooves, but can anyone verify this? I don't want to accidentally screw up the grooves with the wrong shape tool. And by the way, I play these irons regularly.   Also any tips on a good groove tool? Thanks.   Bob
I purchased a set 2-8 PW SW in 1982, and it's my go-to set of irons (I try some of the new sets, but always go running back to my FG-17s). They just feel right (and wrong) when striking the ball ... great feedback, completely unforgiving, but I like that feedback too.   OK, now my question: Does anyone know the groove shape on FG-17s?  I suspect they are V shaped grooves, but does anyone know? I want to get a groove-cutter, but I don't want to get the wrong...
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