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I've been on the hunt for a rangefinder as i will be caddying. I don't want one that shows slope as i may eventually want to use it for tournament play. Any feedback would be of much help. 
Im looking to put the SuperStroke on a ping scottsdale that i just purchased link to the picture below...   http://www.ping.com/clubs/puttersdetail.aspx?id=8499   It has a head weight of 340 grams how big do you think it is possible to go without adding weight to the putter.
What type of putter do u have.
If i get a Super Stroke putter grip that weighs 12 grams more than my original putter grip will i lose feel in the golf head.
I have always wondered this it would be great for someone to tell me generally where to stop and start the downswing.
Has anyone tried this putter. Will it be durable enough even though it has a screw to keep the face from moving. Always In the market for new innovative ideas. Any feedback will be appreciated.
I need to regrip my woods/hybrids and don’t know what to use. I play in pretty dry conditions for the most part but with all the types and brands I'm lost.
Is this really crucial to a golf swing because i don't have my left arm straight... it's not really even close to being either. I can lock my left arm out through the swing of course and it doesn't feel right and i seem to loose distance because i cant even come close to how far back i can when i don't lock my arm out. Will having my left arm straight help me in the long run.    Thanks, Mike
I wanted to know if these lofts were good,to close to eachother or to far apart. Driver 9.5° 3wood 15° 3hybrid 19° 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. P. A. 22° 25° 28° 32° 36° 40° 45° 50° irons 54°sand wedge 58°lob wedge Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks
I have a number 9 style putter and i only have a little bit of arc in my swing the putter style is sopposedly better for a player with a strong arc. I put better with this style putter than any other putter head shape... is it really all preference or does it help some people to get a putter head shape that in theory helps there game.
New Posts  All Forums: