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Matt Kucher -6 Webb Simpson- 4 Graham Dalaet -2
Morning. since the beginning of the year i have lost almost 20 pounds. since i started playing again and practicing i have noticed alot more of my shots are pulled left. I no it is caused from coming over the top or getting quick with my transiction down. can anyone maybe assist. or maybe give me some tips how to correct it. thanks
 I was only able to play one event last year. which was the opener. but everything was put on excellent.will be playing alot more this year.
First of all i just want to say, WOW! that guy is on fire. but after all these years of being on tour he breaks threw, and breaks threw in a big way! Do you think it has anything to do with him switching to Butch Harmon. or maybe just his time. what you guys think.
They have the tour for Kentucky and western Kentucky as well. Just look up golf weekly am tour. Also good luck this year with the tournaments you play in.
 Thanks for the info.I found most of all of them but the problem is they dont open till 9am.I should have said this before . this is such a big event for the tour they do a shotgun starts one at 8am.and the other at 1pm.But normaly these would were when we have set tee times.thanks tho i really appreciate the info.
 I dont Mind at all.Its for the Golf weekly AM Tour. Its the opening event for us. I play on the cincinnati tour since i live 5 minutes from there but they have this one for the all the tours close to there. If you sign up for the tour anyone can play in it. Its a 2 day tournament as well so you would get a good feel for it. Im going down that friday and playing the course. the tournament is april 4th and 5th.
I am playing in a tournament In Lexington, KY the first week of april at the marriott griffin gate golf course. Which from what i have heard is really nice, But they do not have a range or practice area there. Was looking for a place to warm up hit some balls and putt some where close before my tee. I am not from the area i live about 1 1/2 north by cincinnati. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
 Thankd David. I was pretty sure it was not against the rules. But not encouraged .
Morning With the tournament this week being at Riveria C.C, There was a debate in my office with the bunker on the 7th green. whether or not you could chip over the bunker on the green? or do you have to putt around it. thanks
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