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I am new here and try to contribute when I feel I can. A lot of times the thread has multiple answers with my same answer. I don't want to be the 30th dude to say.... go to a fitter lol
I purchased a couple clearance hats and a new super stroke grip for the putter. Then headed to the course
Would love to give em a try
I don't think Mary will last long. They are trying to portray her as this mean competitor when in all reality her mental game is just not there. Although we only have seen her play once, after two shots she was showing her emotions and being pissed. I am curious to see how she handles some real pressure.
I game a 12 degree driver. I also have a bit of forward press in my setup with causes me to hit the ball low. In my situation it helped. I would suggest getting with a fitter and looking at the numbers on a launch monitor
It's your bag. Do what you want. I have had my name on most of the bags I have played up until now. Between middle school, high school, and college. They all had my name and school name and all where stand bags. I recently purchased a new bag without my name because I have been out of school for a couple years. But when it comes down to it you can do whatever you want
Hey all, My name is Nick and I am 25 years old. I reside in sedro-Woolley and am looking for playing partners who can play during the week. I work a rotating schedule and my regular playing partners only play on the weekend. I am not scared to drive a little ways. Will possibly be playing a round this friday.... Anyone out there?
I was at the golf store today and just about bought a dozen. I kinda got scared when the pro told me that they are designed for swing speeds under 90 mph. When I can get my hands on a sleeve I will try them but until then I am hesitant. I might just be over thinking it as well
Most of the time in retail, items have different mark up percentages. Retail is what I do for a living and marking merchandise at a standard percentage will not work. You also have to factor in buying practices. Most manufacturer s will offer buying incentives for retailers on new or discontinued product. So I guess the simple answer is it depends on your location and the retailer you are purchasing from.
I took about a 7 year break from the game and have been back at it for about 3 weeks. This last week I played two courses. The first I shot a 93 and the second I shot a 90. Ball striking has gotten back to where I was before but I am giving up a lot of strokes around the greens. I bought all new clubs and i am still trying to get used to the new clubs and get a little touch back. Hopefully progress to follow....
New Posts  All Forums: