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      Videos:   Spring had a slight setback today after a couple of weeks of pretty nice weather it started snowing again.  Ah well it'll get better next week according to the weather service :)    Well I've been working on my swing all winter, the trackman results look pretty good and I'm looking forward to getting outside.   I'm pondering if the right knee being straight at the top of the back swing will be a problem or not!?! any thoughts on that? /Anpe
HiI've got some "Down the line" sequences to share, although I haven't really managed to do it the way you suggested yet, If I practice swing without a ball the swing looks better, but when I stand up to a ball I kind of fall back into old patterns ( I'm sure  that is the case for many golfers though).  Swing speed  on the 6iron (to the left) was 99mph, path 2,0 inside out. Swing speed driver 112mph path 1,3 inside out. I suppose the only thing to do is to keep on doing...
Ah, okay Will work on that. I'm assuming that doing this will help keeping the club head "Behind "the hands and by doing so preventing coming out-in on impact? 
oh, okay I see thanks, I'll have to see If I can manage that with my right wrist  it seem like a good  drill .
okay, i'm not entirely sure what you're saying :) could you please elaborate :)
Hey :) I posted a clip of me actually hitting a ball.(with some comments too) /A
  I get the ball to where I want it most of the time however If I miss I hit a pull hook.  My issues are (I’m sure there are more than these ones). I’ve got some physical limitations; my right wrist is stiff (from a motorcycle accident) so I lack the ability to bend it to create proper lag, I still manage to hit the ball long but the ball flight is higher then I would like it to be.   I’ve noticed that I have a reverse slot swing, and I don’t like it… In this...
I had never heard of Jim Mclean, so I looked him up on youtube, very interesting :). You are right he hardly ever practice golf :) thanks for the feedback :)
  This is my youngest son (13) Vincents Golf swing.   He Says that he doesn't play golf, but he shot a 32 on our par 29 9 hole course  during a School competition earlier this year. He plays Quarterback with the 16 year olds in our lokal American football team, and says that he wants to focus on that, (he's really really good at that too). I would like him to play more golf any thoughts on how to do that? Any thoughts on his swing?   I love this game, most...
Hi, yeah I could do that but not today, it's snowing outside. my average 7 iron is around 165-175yards, club head speed about  100mph (7I)
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