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I had never heard of Jim Mclean, so I looked him up on youtube, very interesting :). You are right he hardly ever practice golf :) thanks for the feedback :)
  This is my youngest son (13) Vincents Golf swing.   He Says that he doesn't play golf, but he shot a 32 on our par 29 9 hole course  during a School competition earlier this year. He plays Quarterback with the 16 year olds in our lokal American football team, and says that he wants to focus on that, (he's really really good at that too). I would like him to play more golf any thoughts on how to do that? Any thoughts on his swing?   I love this game, most...
Hi, yeah I could do that but not today, it's snowing outside. my average 7 iron is around 165-175yards, club head speed about  100mph (7I)
Hey. I've been ill most of 2014, you're able to tell that from my dramatic weight loss, this is how my swing looks now at the end of the year.        Any thoughts on it?  
 Regarding the health, I'm afraid that the fight is still on, but I'll  get through it! :) Yeah, florida sounds nice I wouldn't mind relocating there.
I've had about a million different tests done, originally it was my left side that was of interest  but they did a full skeleton scan with something called "skint" which is an isotopic camera of sorts. Doing this "skint" thing they found a growth inside my right femur. They couldn't say what it was but they hope that it is benign(as I wrote earlier) I'm now awaiting the next step. 
yeah there's something there, I hope it's benign like a cyst or something, but at the moment we don't know. No I didn't mean to lose the weight, I eat boatloads but it just falls off.
It’s been a while since I’ve been here, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to play golf too. I’ve had some health issues this season, my back went out on me and they found something inside my right femur, benign I hope but at this point I don’t yet know.   I’ve actually played a couple of rounds now, here at the end of the season, I’ve been doing alright on the course, 76 on a par 71, 77 on a par 72, but I get really tired playing I’ve lost about 30lbs most of it is...
New Posts  All Forums: