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Thanks! I'll look in to it./A
Thanks :) I'll check it out :)A
So I FINALLY got my new  (2nd hand) driver last Friday, it's a Mizuno mp-600 fast-track  8.5 degrees with a 44 inch A&D graphite design prototype tour only 2446 x shaft. All of a sudden I hit the ball straight, long and where I want it to go. Happy happy happy!    I'm now thinking weather I should get irons with x-100 shafts? The Dynamic gold s-300 feel a bit soggy now and they tend to go a bit on the high side too.   Any thoughts on this?   I love this game, most...
Yeah for sure! He still prefers play football ( he plays wide receiver and running back). But I think that he's having fun on the range. 
  This is what i looks like. As the partial father I think it looks good. How shall I convince him to keep going at it?   A
So the golf range opened today, here in Gävle Sweden, pretty remarkable since it was covered with snow only three days ago. Fortunately we’ve had three warmish days with wind and the snow vanished and the ground started to dry out. Went there with my golf buddy Ben and my son Vincent. Vincent turns 13 this year and have held a golf club in his hands maybe six times in his life, but he’s got a natural athletic swing, when I got him to understand how to line up towards the...
Cool :) She is one of the greatest in my book :)
Hey sign me up too :)
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