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Has anyone ever heard of the Adams Insight XTD 2 irons? They are quite easy to hit for someone new to golf, heck im a 14 HC and I still use them. Anyway, if you can find them I'm sure they would be cheap because they were around 299 back in '10 new.
I still have them in my bag and was wondering if other SandTrap members did
Hands forward really helped me to stop slicing and chunking my shots
LOL I forgot to mention that i have 4-5 clubs that will never get used again just sitting in my garage....as for my putter goes I have two higher quality putters that I would consider using and my very first putter that I'll always keep
Driver loft is 9.5, flex is a 65g Regular, no clue on the club head speed
So what would be your final decision on a club between my driver and 19* hybrid? 
Prior to Christmas I had a Driver, 25* fairway wood, 3i-PW, 52*, 56*. Since Christmas I have got a Callaway X-Hot 19* hybrid and a 60* wedge. Currently in my bag I have Driver, 25* fairway wood, 19* hybrid, 4i-PW, 52*, 56*, 60*. I have an older Mizuno 3 wood that I could use instead of the 25* fairway wood( which I think is a 9 wood). What club should I use between my driver and 19* hybrid?  Thanks for all responses.
haha initially i regretted buying a second putter but after reading the responses and using the putter enough to find out that i like it more than my original gamer i no longer regret this purchase. thanks guys!
....this is scary because i also bought a 60 wedge
Those titleist should do the job well
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