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Hello all,   I just recently came back from a break from golf (about 4 months) and have sunk back into some old habits. I take the club back on a decent plain, usually little too inside but not terrible IMO. But at the top of my swing I do a weird wrist thing where before I come down I cup my wrist, the club goes behind my head, then I work real hard to get back on plane.   My boss at the golf course I work at said that I have strong hands on golf club, which I don't...
That's some confidence right there.Or sarcasm I can't tell over the internet.
That's some confidence right there.Or sarcasm I can't tell over the internet.
So I just realized after walking off 18 today at the Rawls course (at Texas tech) that there is one special club that always pulls through when I need it. The steady, forgiving, "thank god I'm in range with this club"-club. What's your favorite club? Mine is my Nike VRS covert 3 hybrid with midsized Winn dry-tac grip. From ranges 250-220 I can manipulate this club and even on mis hits it flys true. I want to publicly thank my fav club for saving/making shots for me.
Hey,Really appreciate it I will definitely be studying what you've provided and take it to the range. Thanks for the guidance!
Yeah I fell in love with it and work pretty hard at it. I also have some friends that play out here who played in high school so they help me some. I was try to hit a fad and hold it against the wind since I draw most of the time if the wind blows from right to left my draw turns to major hook. I think I was probably slicing pretty bad in hindsight. About the shoulders, what does opening them help do?
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ 7 Months  My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: Draw  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull hook and Regular Slice (when I try to fade it like this video)     Videos:   My problems are: As pictured I lift my back foot before impact which i have discover will cause problems. Also I have a tendency to go past parallel on my back swing (especially on my driver). I...
Relax! I used to have the same problem playing with people more advanced than me. Don't worry so much about them and play your own game. Golf is so much about confidence it's ridiculous! My dad and I got stuck with a high handicapper last week (he said he usually shot in 120's) and he only shot a 105 playing with us cause "we helped him focus more". I don't know how that works but he wasn't worried about how my dad and I were playing. Guess it's just a mind set.
@BENtSwing32 not at all. I'm an average putter at best! You guys are right the guys I play with are more advanced than me and I see them get nervous on birdie puts. Sorry to mislead just wanted to get a thread going.
Hey guys,   As being new to the sand trap and golf itself (started playing last June) i don't understand the fears/struggles with putting. From my rounds of golf I usually only generate a 3 putt when I'm frustrated about how many strokes it took me to land on the green. When I hit greens (literally anywhere on green) I have confidence that I'm at least going to get par. I was just wondering why people fret about the green. I worry about all the other stuff! Thanks guys.
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