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I think if im being attacked by a mob id be justified, but you dont give much credit to your sport if you think golf spectators would commonly do this. All im saying is that before anyone attacks anyone, they should stop and consider "what if this person has a gun" the escalation occurs when the spectators answer a prank with a mob assault, the attackee drawing a gun is reactionary, not the primary aggressor. But despite all of this, since when are golfers known to riot?
you ask "is anyone old enough to remember" meaning you have to go back quite some time to find an example of a player attack? Regardless of the situation, tell me with a straigut face that a PGA player attacking a spectator isnt a massive fine and suspenion?
nice fake news article, the odds of old golf fuddy duddies running after me in unison in mob form to beat me up over this? Just not gonna happen. This isnt a college championhip game. Golf is as you say a gentlemen's game is it not? Are these gentlemen smart enough to consider that this guy whom they know nothing about could be armed before they attack me? (.357 plus permit)
There's a golf course about an hour from my house where they do a PGA tournament every May.   Suppose that I got 17 guys together to buy spectator tickets and go there this Spring.   We then have 1 guy on each of the 18 holes.   We pick one specific golfer to mess with, say Tiger Woods.   Then after Tiger Woods tees off on the first hole, as soon as his first drive hits the fairway, the guy on the first hole runs out onto the course, grabs the ball and runs off...
New Posts  All Forums: