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Hi! From Hatfield, PA ( 1/2 hour northwest of philly).
Or , you have to turn back on if you don't keep using it.
One helpful thing to have is a digital level ( husky 9" from home depot $39.99) . It helps you with the slope. Took express level 1 and express level 2 with Mike Dynda , the best $$ i have ever spent on golf .
I'm in , let me know when you order again!
Been working on my game at GolfTec since January taking lessons and practicing ( finally getting rid of the "over the top" move ). Starting season this week.
Hello Ernest! How's your game?
Awesome idea! Done!
I just did this! I'm in!
Signed up for level 1 and level 2 classes , can't wait to get started!
See if there is a ' Club Champion Golf ' location in your area . They use trackman and have every shaft and head from every manufacture you can think of. Very good at what they do, had my iron and driver fitted at the philly location.
New Posts  All Forums: