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Thanks 'Cipher' will check it out.
Mark Broadie's ' every shot counts ' and James Hansen's ' A difficult par - robert trent jones and the making of modern golf ' .
Working on shoulder turn and not letting left knee kick in towards right big toe .
Removing the over the top from my swing, with the help from golftec's John Andrews.
2doz ProV1's
Work for Rentokil-Ehrlich pest control company.
The place where i got fitted for irons is called 'club champion golf' . They have all the clubheads and shafts from all manufacturers. Really an awesome experience, they measure your clubs as your hitting and work off your numbers. The fitted then has you hit different combinations of head and shafts. Clubchampiongolf.com
I have 19d and 22d (3&4 hybrids) to fill gap between 3w and 5i. 10.5 xhot w/ blur shaft Xhot 3w Xhot 3 hb Xhot 4 hb Razr x black irons 5-pw Renegar 50d,54d,58d Itsy bitsy spider
Just finished Tom Coyne's ' A Course Called Ireland' . He walks around Ireland for 4 months playing golf! Up next is Rob Armstrong's 'Golfing in Ireland' 2nd edition.
One thing is go get fitted for golf clubs . That's the most important other then taking lessons , if your serious about playing.
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