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I just did this! I'm in!
Signed up for level 1 and level 2 classes , can't wait to get started!
See if there is a ' Club Champion Golf ' location in your area . They use trackman and have every shaft and head from every manufacture you can think of. Very good at what they do, had my iron and driver fitted at the philly location.
Congrats! @Iacas and the rest of your staff .
What i see thru lessons is that if the elbow does not drop and slide you are going to be over the top with your swing either a lot or a litlle.
Have you seen a video of your swing from behind. Don't claim to know it all, but taking lessons over the last 2 years to get rid of my slice an seeing videos that one thing sticks out. More then likely your pulling the ball ( it' most likely why you can't hit cuts, just my guess)
Oh! By the way love your book!
look at him in vidoe from behind , his right elbow comes down and slides across the stomach. Players alot of different backswings but one main thing is there right elbow comes down and slides across the stomach. That's what i'm working on thru lessons at golf tec. Looking at vidoes of pros and my swings. If the right elbow is away from the body you are going to slice the ball.
The right elbow is key, if it doesn't drop down an slide across the stomach your will end up slicing the ball.
Thanks 'Cipher' will check it out.
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