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figured it out the smallest gear/cog was stuck to the head of the club . . .all good now . . .
Hey Guys, I have the 9* xhot2 driver.  I was looking at the settings yesterday.  i want to keep the 9* put change the club face to draw, it doesn't appear that I can unless I go minus one on the loft (8*).  Is that correct or am I missing something? Chris
Hey guys, Been taking a couple of lessons and my pro wants me to stand closer to the ball.  He is correct I do stand far from the ball at address and bend a lot at the waist.  My problem now is, it feels really uncomfortable to stand as close as I am suppose to? any thoughts/tips?
i bought a set of G20's this fall and really like the clubs, but if your gonna buy the used set for 450$ why not get fitted and get a brand new set of G20's for 550$??? think something to consider . . .
Wow thanks for all the help guys.  I was able to get out to my dicks sports freehold NJ, if anyone is ever in the area check out there golf section.  i was told it is basically the biggest golf selection east the mississippi, only bigger selections are in cali and the golf staff there is great!  I hit 5 different drivers Xhot1/10.5* Xhot2/9* pingG20/10* new big bertha and big bertha alpha think those were both 10.5*   Keep in mind my old driver was an old bertha with the...
thanks for the help guys, i recently got fitted at a big box store for my ping G20 irons, i was pretty happy with the process and have seen a difference at the range and one day i snuck 9 in before the polar vortex came back here to the northeast ( i am in NJ). still doing my research for my drivers . . .
Hello Guys, looking for a new driver and i am partial to Callaway as I have an old big bertha.  At the range I was using a buddy's Xhot in a 10.5.  While it wasn't much longer then my old big bertha It was straighter and more consistant.  I was thinking maybe going original Xhot driver in a 9.5 and a xhot 3 wood.  But seems like the trend is to going to a higher loft driver? any thoughts?
submitted my review!!!
Tiger, I have the CFS steel in my G20 irons,   i was looking at the Cleveland 588 RTX   I usually use a Titleist velocity ball and if i am feelinf lucky i will use a ProV1 . . .   thanks again for your help   Chris
WUTiger, thanks for you advice, I haven't got to hit the clubs yet . . .little cold here in NJ, but i plan on going out soon to get the distances of each club and maybe just get a wedge to fit my gaps??? not sure what i am going to do yet . . .   do you think a 54* cleveland wedge will give me more bite on a green then say the ping G20 SW that is 54*?
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