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try the top flite gamer TOUR, it is a 3 piece ball with a urethane cover about 30$ for 2 dozen, i bet you like them . . .
i just don't think a 15 inch cup and all of a sudden there is gonna be there big golf boom, i live in NJ and there is plenty of golf and most of the local public tracks are hard to get a decent tee time . . .
I agree, i think it should stay the was it is . . .and i am a 23/24 handicap.  Last summer i couldn't break 100 I took a couple lessons played more and shoot in the 90's now and broke 90 one time this summer.  I get it that golf doesn't really work with the add water and stir generation.  But changing the game doesn't make sense to me.  Most people can't hit a 90mph fastball so they are not going to tell pitchers to throw slower!!!
Phan i got tix for sunday, first pga event any tips on what to bring or not to bring, cell phone policy???thanks,Chris
I just scored a tic to the final rd on sunday and have never been to a PGA event before, was wondering if anyone can give me some tips???
Hello Everyone, Had a couple close call the last 2 rds... Was just wondering what u guys like for rain gear. Looking for a light top that you can wear in the summer without overheating. Thanks Chris
Wow, did that go bad in a hurry.  Let me just clear some things, I do not consider riding 18 holes exercise as i stated I felt like my  "golf swing" started to break down i did not feel tired.  I am curious if I am just not in "golf shape" and others golfers have ever experieced this before.  I used to play a couple a rounds a year and now trying to play at least one round a week and sometimes sneak in 2 and an extra 9 at my local so wondering if I am golf tired if that...
I do walk also, but this weekend was a cart both days?
Hey Guys Was able to play sat and sun this weekend. I am currently a 25 handicap. Sat I shot 104 blew up the last 4 holes and noticed my swing started to break down. Sunday broke 90 for the first time and went 85, same thing swing broke down but was able to recognize it and put the driver away and tried to keep it together last 4 holes... I was able to ... Wondering if my body is getting tired the last 5-6 holes???
Hello Everyone, my local course is doing a 7$ to walk after 6pm so i figure I am gonna try and get our a night or two a week.  So, Now I have the excuse to buy a push cart do I go clic gear 3.5 with a 3 wheel or clic gear 8.o with a 4 wheel??? thanks, Chris
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