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Right Front: 3 Tees, Pitch Mark Repair Tool and Coin with my birth year Left Front:   Cell Phone/Lip Balm Right Rear:  Scorecard with Pencil Left Rear:  Glove when pitching/chipping or putting
I guess you didnt read my response about being corrected and my assumption, I suggest reading the whole post.
No I did not miss that. Did you miss the response. Lets keep this about Hideki and his putter.
And you wonder why some do not post! Calling someone out for pre-madonna over primadonna or over opinions, really!  Wow is all I have to say about that!!!!!!  
Whoa! What other part did I get wrong. You do realize it is just MY opinion.
I stand corrected, I just assumed. My bad, believe it or not I am a Poulter fan. Maybe it is the clothes.
This is blown way out of proportion. What Hideki did was wrong but IMO I do not believe this is any different than a tour player breaking/throwing his club, granted the green was damaged but its not like he buried his club in the green like a hatchet.  Ian Poulters choice to bash someone on twitter was cowardly but what do you expect from a pre-madonna who was probably born with a "silver spoon in his mouth."
I wear the S4 almost everyday.
2014 VW Jetta
Srixon Z-Star XV Great ball from Tee to Green.   
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