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With all the adjustable drivers, is it legal to change the loft or angle during a round?  It seems like it would muddy the 14 club limit rule.
Thaknks to all.  Lessons are always a good idea, but the club ideas are helpful, too.  Thanks!
For some reason I can't hit a driver.  Can't figure it out.
Good advice - thanks.  I'm still new to this.  Right now I'm using a Callaway XHot with a graphite shaft.  I love the club, but I'm just looking for more distance.  I've never been long; I only get about 200-210 off the tee.
I'm a high handicapper who hits a 3 wood off the tee instead of a driver.  Looking for a new one.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.
Thanks, Tiger
Dude, you are absolutely killing me.  Can we at least pretend it's your teenage son?  :)
$80 at Dick's!
I'll let you know, but it won't be until I can get out once the weather breaks.  I have only hit into a net so far.  And, there isn't a 3.  The hybrids are a 4, 5, and 6.  I might go hit in a simulator this weekend.  Not sure how much feedback that will provide, but I'll be sure to let yo uknow.
Got these the other day.  Looking forward to using them.
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