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Gotcha.  Thanks, fellas.
Thanks, Patch.  It seems like the website for GolfShot is a bit better.  What did you do with your old Sky Caddie?
I've used a Sky Caddie the past few years.  I like it a lot, but I don't like the annual cost.  I'm thinking of switching over to Golf Shot or Golf Logix.  Anybody out there with any strong opinions on any of the three?
First, I apologize if this has been asked and discussed over and over.  I haven't been here in way too long, and I feel like I'm just starting out again.   Anyway, I use a 3 wood off the tee a lot.  In fact, because I can control it so much better and I don't lose a ton of distance, I use it almost exclusively.  In my bag right now I have a Callaway XHot 3 wood.  Has anyone seen anything in the last year or so that would make you say, "Man, you REALLY need to check this...
With all the adjustable drivers, is it legal to change the loft or angle during a round?  It seems like it would muddy the 14 club limit rule.
Thaknks to all.  Lessons are always a good idea, but the club ideas are helpful, too.  Thanks!
For some reason I can't hit a driver.  Can't figure it out.
Good advice - thanks.  I'm still new to this.  Right now I'm using a Callaway XHot with a graphite shaft.  I love the club, but I'm just looking for more distance.  I've never been long; I only get about 200-210 off the tee.
I'm a high handicapper who hits a 3 wood off the tee instead of a driver.  Looking for a new one.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.
Thanks, Tiger
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