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I might be able to do the 20th
Sounds like there's some mediocre 9 hole courses opening Saturday, sassamon trace in Natick and St Marks in Southborough. Will probably play them both by Tuesday if the rain isn't too bad
Am also interested in this. Look like the storm is going to miss us and I'd like to get in 9 on Friday
To follow up on this, turns out it wasn't the bounce I wanted changed but the sole relief. Took the guy 5 minutes and the result is exactly what I wanted
So if I'm understanding correctly, I could be moving my hands out of the slot due to poor weight transition? That makes perfect sense, as I'm recovering from a broken ankle on my front foot and am still favoring it a little. Does this make sense? I'll definately try to get some video on my next trip to the range
So I brought my brand new irons to the range today, and I immediately noticed after looking at the faces that I'm consistantly hitting the ball on the toe side of center. What causes this? Am I simply standing to far from the ball or could something else be causing it? input is appreciated, as it appears as though I'm hitting it on the toe even when it feels flush, and I'm playing a forged club.
Best of both worlds . . . . Just add 7-ow of mp-4s and be done with it
 Not so sure of that. If you're putting $500 into an update to y our existing irons, I'm guessing you could get another$200 in trade on the 59's, you're almost all the way there. If you legit want to keep the 59's, update them, but if this is driven at all by a desire to get new sticks, take a hard look at it. The last thing you want to do is spend the $500 and still have an urge to get new clubs
If we get enough guys and go during the week, I'm certain Cyprian will cut a deal. They run some crazy promotions to get midweek play. There was a time a few years ago where they were giving away a Callaway driver to whomever made a tee time for a foresome during the week.  Yes, you read that right. All of the courses Jamo listed are are quality choices. I think Shining rock is a tick above the rest if it's in good shape, but I lean towards the other two because If people...
 I'd be up for any of those. Really love Shining Rock. Cyprian can be a handfull for a bunch of guys that haven't played it before, as it seems like there's at least one blind shot on every hole. I think Highfields is the best golf value in the area.
New Posts  All Forums: