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tiger said the same thing two years ago when adam scott won. if tiger wants fast greens at augusta, he should petition them to hold the tournament in july.
the report failed to mention his opening drive, which was 45 yards left and on the 9th hole, so it wasn't flawless. it was totally biased.
Notah texted Tiger to confirm because he didn't believe Rosaforte's report. Only after Tiger told him so, did Notah believe it. Notah was a pro once too. 3-under in eleven holes in a practice round with O'Meara does not a tournament make. Mark will be nowhere near him when the tournament starts. 
on which ball? and was he playing o'meara for money? it was also reported he shot in the low-60s at Medalist with his 'worst ball', which even Notah Begay said was unbelieveable. whether i say it the way i said it, or in reverse, it still applies.
monday that stunt with firing balls at two greens he wasn't getting very many close at all. And do you think the golf channel would dare show any of his chunky chips (or talk about them) this week, like they did so endlessly leading up to the tournament, when it was deemed news people wanted to see and hear about? the media has no loyalties, they do an about face when it serves their purpose.
 guess we will see for sure on thursday.
 well hank haney said it before I did. he may know a thing or two about tiger.
I think Tiger believes that the warm embrace from the players, fans, and media at Augusta are somehow going to make up for the shortcomings of the past several months. They won't. He has the yips. You don't get over the yips. 
I think Abe Lincoln had the best quote for today...   You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.   I actually hate today...I'll be glad when it's over.  
http://www.masters.com/news Augusta National has had it! The venerable home of the Masters Invitational is taking definitive steps to combat ever longer driving distances by touring professionals out of fear they will render the golf course obsolete. In response, the club has instituted a full set of new tees for the upcoming event, to be held April 9-12. Masters Tournament Chairman William Porter ‘Billy’ Payne explained, “Augusta National will be changed to a par 54,...
New Posts  All Forums: