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well at least you picked rose, i think i'm about the only one in the whole yahoo fantasy golf universe that didn't.
looks like someone at yahoo fell asleep at the wheel...here it is the third round, and second round points haven't been tallied yet.
are you mouzers? i saw that and said 'ouch'.    for any tournament in the eastern time zone that is not an invitational, that is the usual starting time, so they are assured to get everyone through the round.    i take it you're not in the eastern time zone? i generally set my lineup when the tee times come out, which is generally tuesday of tournament week, so i don't have to worry about missing the deadline. things generally don't change a whole lot between tuesday...
well it looks like this hasn't been updated in a while, how are we doing?   i say after probably my best three weeks ever, i've had probably my two worst weeks ever, and with a major coming up, it doesn't look very promising this week either. i usually get slaughtered in majors, save the masters. i'll probably keep it pretty close to the vest, no sleepers or hunches, those seem to get me in trouble.
finished uploading the rest of the pro-am videos from yesterday....enjoy!
no. just yesterday and today i'm afraid. 
i was at the pro-am today, and shot video of all the participants, except jb holmes, whose caddy got in the way of my vantage point. unfortunately i am on a slower connection right now, so the uploads are taking longer, but here's what i have so far...    
yes it was in the bleachers.   last year i was there also, but because of the crowds around the teebox i went high and filmed the players and the teebox only. this year i wanted to incorporate some of the hole as well. you can at least see the ball come off the club, though you really can't see where it is going. 15 is the only hole where there is a grandstand at the tee. jack nicklaus has said that is the best place to watch the action if you are high enough, you can...
was at muirfield village today for the memorial tournament practice round, and shot these videos...enjoy.   i will also be at the pro-am tomorrow, will be shooting more videos and will post them as well.    
that makes sense, given my shoulder issues, and the fact i'm not getting a whole lot of distance. don't know how pronounced it is though. i was googling and found a video of someone's swing on this site of all places, it was flat and pronounced to the point that aesthetically, it looked not so good, but he said it was effective. next time at the range i will be conscious of the back swing, try to bring it more on plane and see if the shoulder can withstand it. maybe its...
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