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I see only two kids, admist a sea of middle-aged people, and a lady that could be mistaken for tiger's mother. Some of these tweets just floor me.
if anything I've learned, its not usually the instigator that gets punished, its the retaliator. Probably not fair, but true. 
I listened to the James Taylor concert on XM from New York, and people were screaming bababooey after every song. Taylor handled it excellently, but I'm sure you don't go to one of his concerts expecting that. Maybe, except in New York.
so on that course, do they play lift, clean, and wipe?
As the title of the thread says, this is the type of round i've been relegated to for about the last 5-7 years, my swing undergoing radical changes due to significant weight gain and a nagging chronic shoulder problem. I still manage to play about 10-12 rounds a year, and still manage to have a good swing thought pop in my head every round that keeps me coming back, though it becomes harder and harder to implement.   The other day, because of some morning errands I had...
but he could never win again and his world wouldn't change one iota, and neither would the world of the pga tour. when tiger took the golf world by storm, ratings and purses were much, much lower than they are today. a win for tiger was a win for the tour, because it brought more fans (and their dollars) into the sport. today, the tour can pretty much sustain itself without tiger having to dominate, even win. spieth's 22nd birthday was one of the lead stories on...
well he won't win at firestone because he hasn't qualified. and i'm not sure that even a win this week would get him in.
He could reasonably never win again and play a reasonably full schedule on tour. He's assured himself lifetime status...if he thinks that snead's all-time wins record is important enough to break, I would say yes.
i don't think you could single just one guy out and say he's the biggest jerk on tour...or because he was a jerk to you, he's a jerk in general.   like anybody, they're probably the nicest to the people they know personally, and are nice to them in return. I would think especially on the field of play, they would have to be somewhat of a jerk in nature as a protective shield. golf is the only sport where you can literally participate within inches of the fans, which...
tiger said the same thing two years ago when adam scott won. if tiger wants fast greens at augusta, he should petition them to hold the tournament in july.
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