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Sad news for sure...especially after he had been found and seemingly the worst was over.   I've struggled with mental health issues most of my life, and recently have gotten to the point at times where suicide seemed like a viable solution, then I go and read about the process, and how it affects the survivors, and I snap out of it. There are no guarantees that suicide means the end of pain. The process itself can be extremely painful, even moreso if the attempt is...
Mickelson has become Tommy Armour the Third...seems all he wears these days on course is black and white.
I know Jim Rome adores the guy, which means Elk has found the niche of good but not great sport figures, which is the level of sport figure Rome seems most apt to handle.
I guess I didn't make myself entirely clear...I didn't mean Tiger per se as he has already established himself as a dominant figure. The OP was looking for someone other than Tiger to replace him. If there isn't a person, its no sweat off of the media's back...they'll find it in another sport if it materializes.
i guess i'm not really following you. in the media's case, imo, the tail wags the dog, so if a golfer doesn't continue to be a dominant sportsman, the media will go elsewhere.
and i would've gladly paid the $40 had, at the time, the ticket was available. but at the time i purchased the ticket, it wasn't, for some reason or another. generally i'm wary of using the secondary market to buy tickets, though I have used the service to sell tickets that I have paid for. again, this is another example of how the secondary market may have been used in a way it wasn't intended. the 'gouging' part, in my opinion, is suddenly charging 'reserved' for a...
well, it just so happens i was the recipient of a 'complimentary' ticket a few years ago from a co-worker who won their ticket through a raffle, they weren't interested in going, and they also weren't interested in receiving any money for it. believe me, they could've just as easily gave it away as sold it. 
That was the first that came to mind for me too. I've always thought, that I'd rather play a round of golf with Nicklaus, but I'd rather have a beer with Arnie.
I went to StubHub, and yes, I agree, I got a great deal, but not as great a deal as the person who sold me the 'complementary' ticket. That was the point I was trying to make. Had I been said person, not to brag, but you wouldn't have seen it on StubHub.
So I decide, after finding out I have opening day free for the WGC Bridgestone at Firestone CC in Akron, OH, that I would go ahead and purchase a ticket for said day. I go to the 'official' site, and find that general admission seats are unavailable at the time I am purchasing tickets, but there is a new feature this year where you can get an upgraded 'reserved' bleacher seat, with access to an exclusive club where you can buy exclusive food and drink, for $95. Well,...
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