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i guess i tend to forget that furyk is pushing 45. in comparison, arnie won his last tournament at 43. but having been as close to victory as many times as he has lately, wouldn't the expectation reasonably be, that he could've/should've won at least a couple that he didn't, regardless of age? we tend to want more from our better players, be it fairly or unfairly.
You wouldn't think of Furyk as simply a human ATM. He does have a major under his belt. But in my opinion, winning the Fed Ex Cup was the worst thing to happen to him. He hasn't won since. I couldn't imagine once you played for and won $10 million, everything else would seem like a letdown. But it hasn't seemed to bother Brandt Snedeker though. But it seems Snedeker is the exception, rather than the rule.    The commerical with Furyk and his wife keeps playing through my...
Question to the board: Do you think that Butch Harmon is the key to Jimmy Walker's success over the last two years, or could've Walker been just as successful without him? Even with his five wins, there are still mountains to climb: majors, WGCs, FedEx Cup. Yet Walker is considered as one of the best in the world right now. I'm thinking of another Harmon disciple, Nick Watney, who didn't quite get to the elite level and has since changed coaches. Is there pressure to...
worster week ever for me. six missed cuts, but it seems at least i'm not alone this time.    sometimes it seems like if the pros don't get perfect conditions, they struggle mightily, whether on purpose i think sometimes they just don't like playing in crappy weather, and say the heck with it (except rory of course lol).
worst week ever for me. five missed cuts, and the remaining players are nowhere near the lead, although day may have an outside shot.    the thing about this yahoo format is, you can't gain ground easily, but you can lose ground real quick.
I saw the photo. I'm no expert at determining the nature of wounds by no means. It does look like a pretty good scrape on the forehead like he was dragged or something, but I don't know for sure. But based on the golf channel article and police reaction, it seems to fall somewhere between allenby's recollection and what really happened. 
I'm like, Troy Polamalu !?! Being a Steeler fan, I had to go Google his involvement with this, or thinking he was involved in a separate incident, but all that showed up was the rumors of his imminent release and/or retirement. And then, it dawned on me, you're referring to the homeless guy!!
not to go all conspiracy theory/speculation here, but it does seem more plausible that allenby may have come out of the bar very drunk, fell down, out came his wallet, in the darkness couldn't find it, or didn't even realize it was gone, and somebody picked it up and had a field day with the credit cards. in allenby's embarassment, he concocted his story of the beating/kidnapping. 
Well I didn't even have him on my team this week. And he let two other guys in that were also not on my team, that got bonus points. 
I had the same problem. Its taken me four years of this to learn to 'set it and forget it'...take your best players, the players you think are going to win, and don't do anything with them at least until after the second round. For sure if they miss the cut, take them out of there. And if you have any players on the bench after the second round that are sniffing at the lead, it might be time to put them in. Then again, you might want to wait until the fourth round,...
New Posts  All Forums: