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I just got out of surgery the 29th of Aug. I had a 1/2" of supraspinatus rc tarn off the bone repaired, and a couple bone spurs removed. It is still sore at night due to blood thinners I take for a heart condition, as the wounds continue to weep blood. Sounds a little bad but it is the norm for my situation. I am wondering whether I will be able to play golf this coming summer? I am 59 and have always been involved in sports.
A PT cannot heal a tear. There isn't any magic that will heal it. If you have a tear, PT can strengthen muscles in your shoulder that will support movement, but the tear will still be there. Many people, especially athletes, have small tears in the RC, and can get along without surgery. Usually, though, the tear will get worse, either by tearing more or arthritis setting in. I injured my suprasinatus RC (tear) about 10 years ago and golf finally made it bad enough to have...
 thanks for the info. i haven't tried rotating two gloves, but i do take the glove off for putting. I know a few people who do use gloves anymore.
In hot weather, it's a two edged sword. A glove helps with the grip, but perspiration ruins the glove.
Blackheath is a decent course for a reasonable price.
You can buy them bulk, used:http://www.ravengolfballs.com/shop/category/titleist-golf-balls/
I did play Eagle Eye, Hawk Hollow, both MSU courses, and Chemung Hills, Hunter's Ridge, Moose Ridge that might be your way a little?
Hi, I started this group because I didn't see any group pertaining to Michigan golf. I play in the northern suburbs of Detroit. My home course is Rammler, but enjoy Greystone, Twin Lakes, Stoney Creek, and others.
Man, that sucks, Detroit a bit better, but not golfable:    
I go with the "poor man's pro v" , the TF Gamer.
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