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I swung a club yesterday for the first time since surgery(aug 29), it was my driver, and I did 50 dry swings. No pain to speak of, but today, a day later, my shoulder is aching. I suppose it will take time to get rid of the pain. I sick and tired of pain in this shoulder, it's getting better, but pain still exists if I use it too much.
A shot I remember is somewhat of a unique one. On a 340 yard par four hole, my tee shot landed in a fairway bunker, leaving me with a decent lie, and about 100 yards out, I hit the perfect sand shot for that range and stuck it about two feet away. What was really impressive was the action I put on the ball. With a lower trajectory it landed about 5 yards from the hole, bounced once and checked up immediately. It was like it stopped one a dime sort of thing with the spin I...
A 159 yard "eagle" shot from the fairway, which was part of my lowest round of the year, a 76 !
I didn't get anything, but my friend got the style of the C-130 golf bag:     http://www.amazon.com/Sun-Mountain-C-130-Golf-White/dp/B00MWA8DHI
Great !
If it drives as nicely as it looks, you might have something there!Sharp looking grips, I presume those are the Golf Prides.
I just had RC surgery of my right shoulder about 2 months ago, and the thought of hitting an iron makes me cringe. At this point in my physical therapy I can just swing a club very very gently. I am progressing well, but it takes a lot of time to get back to a normal feeling.  Right now my bag looks like this, and distances can vary: SW     = 58* LW     = 54*   =   GW     = 49*   =   0-100 yds PW     = 44*   =  90-120 yds  9 Iron = 38*   = 120-130 yds 8 Iron = 34.5* =...
That's quite a deal, but I wanted 35-38" plumber 2.0. I would probably think serious about if it met my specs, thanks. I also demoed the Odyssey Tank Cruiser today and didn't really care for it. 
Thank you for the advice, I will check it out. Looks like the same concept as the TM. I always liked Odysseys too.
I demoed this putter a couple times this past week and was impressed with the balance, feel, and results. Any comments on this putter? thanks   http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/1029257-taylormade-spider-blade-20-putter/?id=76412244538&opt=aab&gclid=COCt-O67gMICFSYQ7Aod4HMADw
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