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Blackheath is a decent course for a reasonable price.
You can buy them bulk, used:http://www.ravengolfballs.com/shop/category/titleist-golf-balls/
I did play Eagle Eye, Hawk Hollow, both MSU courses, and Chemung Hills, Hunter's Ridge, Moose Ridge that might be your way a little?
Hi, I started this group because I didn't see any group pertaining to Michigan golf. I play in the northern suburbs of Detroit. My home course is Rammler, but enjoy Greystone, Twin Lakes, Stoney Creek, and others.
Man, that sucks, Detroit a bit better, but not golfable:    
I go with the "poor man's pro v" , the TF Gamer.
I use "Skydroid" on my phone and it lasts about 2 rounds, but that is pampering it though. I download the course while still charging my phone and then turn the wireless/data connection off, and only leave the GPS on. I also use "Gravityscreen" that shuts the screen down when not in use. I find that battery draw is the biggest disadvantage of phone apps, but @ $1.99 it can't be beat. I wouldn't mind having a laser but am afraid of losing it. I guess I could lose my phone,...
Has anybody tried this technique with a rope? It's very inexpensive, and appears to helpful :    
I was looking at the 10 day forecast for michigan, and it is unimpressive.
Nice. I was down in Australia in '06 watching the finals of the Aus Open Tennis, and it was very hot then. Enjoy, drink lots of water. BTW I heard we're going to have a big winter storm mid march!
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