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Great !
If it drives as nicely as it looks, you might have something there!Sharp looking grips, I presume those are the Golf Prides.
I just had RC surgery of my right shoulder about 2 months ago, and the thought of hitting an iron makes me cringe. At this point in my physical therapy I can just swing a club very very gently. I am progressing well, but it takes a lot of time to get back to a normal feeling.  Right now my bag looks like this, and distances can vary: SW     = 58* LW     = 54*   =   GW     = 49*   =   0-100 yds PW     = 44*   =  90-120 yds  9 Iron = 38*   = 120-130 yds 8 Iron = 34.5* =...
That's quite a deal, but I wanted 35-38" plumber 2.0. I would probably think serious about if it met my specs, thanks. I also demoed the Odyssey Tank Cruiser today and didn't really care for it. 
Thank you for the advice, I will check it out. Looks like the same concept as the TM. I always liked Odysseys too.
I demoed this putter a couple times this past week and was impressed with the balance, feel, and results. Any comments on this putter? thanks   http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/1029257-taylormade-spider-blade-20-putter/?id=76412244538&opt=aab&gclid=COCt-O67gMICFSYQ7Aod4HMADw
I bought the Ping B60 putter off ebay, and the Loudmouth oversized grip on ebay as well. I like a little flash in my putter and these grips give it to me. I also like the nice magnetic ball marker on the grip end that stays in place well, but easy access.    
I bet if you erased the TF logo and inserted the Titlest ProV logo, many would not know the difference. Not that the Titlest isn't a better ball, ball most people don't have the skills to tell the difference. They think they do, but they don't.
I will go out on a limb and say that most golfers don't know how to stop the ball or make it back up on the green. An amateurs best option is to come into the green on a high trajectory and have it stop that way. a very difficult shot for me, & I would suspect most amateurs, is lobbing over a bunker and getting it to stop quickly, it's just too hard for most amateur golfers. altitude is their best option.
It's a funny sort of thing, golfers usually always use graphite in drivers and FW woods, but in irons, all of a sudden it's taboo? They wouldn't think of using steel shafts in, especially drivers, and fw woods. I love my graphites, and they are easier on the body. I believe graphites are going to continue to only get better.
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