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Thanks Buddy!  I guess I got more than new Irons... the 4 Hybrid, Irons, SW and Putter are all new... the Driver has over a year on it and the 3 wood and 3 hybrid have some years as well... but yeah, i'm excited to get out and get frustrated by this game that I am beginning to get obsessed with!   Plus, I'm big into cigar and the only thing that goes better with Cigars than golf is some nice Ron Zacapa or Flor de Cana rum!  
UPDATE:    Went down to my local shop and tried out a few different sets of irons and have my swing "dissected". when the dust settled, I decided to got with the Cobra AMP irons.  For some reason they just felt more comfortable than the other clubs.  The price was reasonable, so I went with the 4-GW.     Thanks for all the feedback guys!   So my updated bag contents is: Driver - Taylormade Burner Supersfast 2.0 10.5 3-Wood - Taylormade Burner Superfast 15 3...
EDIT: I just came across a used set of Pin G15 Irons for a great price from a reputable seller... more fuel to the fire
Thanks Hammer!  Yeah, there are a ton on Ebay... I may go that route... don't know much about the R7 Irons, I'll give them a onceover
Thanks Ben... used is an idea... there is a shop near me that has used/demo clubs, but they haven't had anything that I ma interested in recently...  It sounds like we have/had similar situations, so thanks for taking the time to reply... I am leaning toward the Calloway set for no real reason... which is unfortunate because they are more expensive 
Hey Fellas!     Welcome to my second post!     So, this is the same old story that I am sure many of you have seen over and over again.  I'm in my mid 30's and have taken a renewed interest in golf over the last year.  With that being said, I am also a total newbie.  There is a ton of terminology that I need to learn, so there are probably some specific questions that I cannot answer.   Here is the crux of my situation. I have been using my uncle's old Golfsmiths for...
Hey Fellas -   I'm new, in fact this is my first post... I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, but I also work for the SF Giants and am involved in the Cigar business.  I've "golfed" all my life, but I'm taking it more seriously this year and am here to soak up as much advice and info that I can...
New Posts  All Forums: