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I also have this problem too so bad with a DIRECT shadow, but like some of the other guys when its at a certain angle it actually is a help.   The only thing I have ever tried with limited success is trying to pick out a dimple on the ball.. tightens your peripheral vision slightly so you notice the shadow less, but like I said, limited success. It drives me nuts too. 
thanks! @Ernest Jones 
I think I have most of those things you guys talk about working against me.. I'm the opposite of an adrenaline junky... im generally pretty anxious (as in diagnosed by a doc anxiety disorder), and I definitely am way too focused on not screwing up, rather than shutting it all of and letting the rest take care of itself.   I'll have to look for that thread about dealing with pressure.
Just wondering what everyone's mind set is when trying to bring a good pre-round warm up or even a practice session from days earlier to the course?  Especially interested in those of you who play in a lot of tournaments.  I struggle big time with pre-round jitters even in casual rounds and can almost never carry that looseness often found on the range to the first tee.   Case and point, I played yesterday and always end my warm up with 5-10 drivers (or first tee clubs),...
My favorite partner is someone who is better than me.
 As far as MA goes, I got to get out at the Meadows at Peabody yesterday, 20$ for 9 with cart (which was shocking)... It was damp in spots, but really not too bad, not as bad as I expected, and I only saw one 2x2 patch of snow in a shaded bunker.  All regulations greens and tees... The depression may be lifting.
Those are juicy distances, please tell you are going to post a my swing thread!?
This is one of my new favorite videos.  One of the best, close up, multi-speed, multi-angle looks at one pretty ass swing:  
 I am a self admitted rotary swing guy, but what I've come to realize after spending a lot of time on this forum and learning a little bit more about the 5 keys, is this (quoted).  They really are just two ways of trying to get you to master the same few fundamental ideas and moves.  I find it super beneficial to pull pieces from both and use what works for, wait for it.... YOU.
This guy.  Every time I see Jacobson his shirt is untucked.  He's a disheveled mess.  Belt never matches the hat or shoes, that hat is not a cool style anymore. I dunno, maybe just my own opinion, but he's right up there.  
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