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dying to know how this ended up.. looks like he had a pretty decent look?
If I was making wagers:   Masters: DJ   US Open: Adam Scott   British: Justin Rose     PGA: Patrick Reed     If I could determine the future:   Masters: Tiger   US Open:  Tiger   British: Tiger   PGA: Tiger     ..how awesome would that be
Patrick Reed has gone from one of my least favorite to one of my favorite golfers in the span of one season...  Sure, he shouldn't be spouting slurs and F-bombs, but at least the kid has some balls and a little fire...  His top 5 comment came off as cocky and a little entitled, but at least he wants to win and he believes in himself and has a little bit of an F-you attitude...I think he's shown he's more like your typical golfer, at least mentally, than any of us might...
whoever it is started out birdie, birdie, birdie...ace.  pretty decent stretch
Wow haha what do you do for work?  This doesn't look cheap!
http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/dustin-johnson-suspended-pga-tour-after-positive-test-cocaine     BOMBSHELL.  From Golf.com  
Haha yeah that's what I was getting at, not a big gambler so I didn't know how to put that...Increase the odds against you picking correctly/decrease the odds of you picking correctly.  Either way I'm getting at you making more money haha.  I would have to imagine at least ten fold?! Hitting the score on the nose? 10-15k on a 40 dollar bet? Who knows. You can buy a lot of new drivers with that money haha.
The only odds I found had Kaymer at 40/1.  But that is just a straight up pick-em.  Calling the winning score must decrease the odds exponentially.  
Wow! I just checked on this for the first time since last week.  @Valleygolfer you could have made some serious money in Vegas with a pick like that! Player and score?! I wonder what the actual odds/payouts of that bet would have been?
I went last year and followed the Phil, Tiger and Adam group on Friday morning.  It was probably the best golf-related experience I've had.  And it was PACKED, like 4-5 deep around most tee boxes and greens.  But if you plan it out right, and walk ahead and find openings where you can wait until your groups approach you will be fine.  It really is something special to see these guys play.     The type of experience you want to have really should govern what tickets you...
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