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That's beautiful.  A+
9.6? Lol.
Can anyone pick up anything that might be causing toe hits and thin shots?  My ball striking sucks, and I am convinced I physically can't fix that flying right elbow.   Sorry in advance for the vertical video.  
I picked driver, although I would more describe it as Driver/3W/Tee clubs.  From my perspective, if I can't find a fairway and keep putting myself in bad position/taking penalties off the tee, it doesn't matter if I am putting like Steve Stricker; those putts are to save bogeys or worse.  On the contrary, if I am splitting fairways and hitting most of my greens, but can't get anything to go down, I'm still probably only going to be a handful over par at worst.
So...The original seller (eBay user who sold them to the user I bought them from), made the assertion I expected he would...They are "tour issue".  And I guess I will admit I believe it.  I have shown them to a handful of people who are extremely familiar with Titleist irons, and the consensus seems to be that they are real... @newtogolf , I guess a "custom order" set will lack serial numbers on every club except for the 6 iron, straight off the rack sets will have serial...
Yeah, my head pro is a Titleist rep.  I was gonna swing by in the morning.  Also called the local club fitter (he's a Top 100 GD Club fitter, pretty sharp guy), but he said without a serial number there wasn't much he could do.  Other than a magnet test ? on the AP2, which he said was less reliable with the 712 and 714.  I guess the mystery remains open for now.  Also, eBay seller referred me to the original seller HE got them from on eBay who in fact made the "tour issue"...
Visually they match perfectly.  They feel right.  It's just that damn serial number.
seller response:     eBay sent this message to Jameson Kokolis (tmgolfer88). Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more. Seller has responded to your question about this item   Do not respond to the sender if this message requests that you complete the transaction outside of eBay. This type of offer is against...
Looking for any club guru's out there?  I just bought a split set (3-4 AP2, 5-P MB 712) of Titleist irons on eBay.  I scoured over 100s of pictures of authentic irons before bidding, and now that I have the irons in hand, can confirm that by the eye test, these irons pass.   BUT..   There are no serial numbers, anywhere.  The seller claimed they were a custom set (should have a serial number on every hosel), maybe they were off the rack (should be on the 6 iron).  No...
dying to know how this ended up.. looks like he had a pretty decent look?
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