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I'm a classic rock person, so I've been listening to everything Eagles since I saw them in concert a few months ago. I also listen to Van Halen since their concert is coming up real soon.
For what it's worth, I absolutely agree with the Mizuno optimizer and will use it again. Three years ago, the optimizer suggested the same shaft - DG S300 XP, for my MP-63's. I couldn't be happier with the flight and feel of the shafts. By the way, I carry my 7-iron about 155-160 yards.
The lowest my team has gone in a 4-man scramble was a 56 (16 under) at Wolf Creek GC in Mesquite, NV. It was during the second day of a golf tournament run by a good friend who had a fun tournament in Mesquite every year. We had 2 eagles, 12 birdies and 4 pars that day. After the first day we were at 7 under par and in the middle of the pack, but after our 16 under performance, we stormed by everyone and won by two. We didn't have any mulligans but we did play with just 3...
I was recently chosen by TST to test out the 2014 Bridgestone B330 line with Hydrocore. I received the B330RXS based on my specs and they turned out to be fantastic golf balls. The RSX is engineered for swing speeds of less than 105 mph. They performed great for distance (all clubs), spin, durability and soft feel. I highly recommend this ball.
Water with a squeeze of lemon in my reusable bottle.
I have been using a Leupold GX-1 since 2009 and I love it. It is smaller than other rangefinders and gets the job done. I am very happy with it.
It all depends on the conditions and the type of shot I want to play....   Under normal conditions it is my LW which falls under my range for this club. If I want to hit it lower into a breeze or cross breeze, then it might be my SW or GW.   It is also a SW or GW if I want to control the spin in which case it would be a shorter back swing and cut off the follow through.
I travel light:   Front Right: 1 tee, 2 coins, 1 divot repair tool Front Left: my cash Back Right: nothing Back Left: nothing until I putt, then I stuff my glove here
Easy one for me....Seinfeld....nuff said.
Since I saw the Eagles in concert at the Forum in LA in January, all I have been listening to is the Eagles Greatest Hits. Man they were great in concert....what a show.
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