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I have been using a Winn jumbo grip for years. I like the lite grip I can have with clutch putts. 
Plus one for the contact info. I also live in Michigan and wouldn't mind using a local guy.
I had a teacher in high school that had one. His class had a door that lead out to the outfield of the baseball diamond, he let a few of us on the golf team go and hit it. I was not very impressed but those that sliced the ball  loved it. That was back in 1985 and I have not seen one since then. Good job on finding one. 
I like the fact he is using a driver that came out in 2011. It makes me not want to update so often. 
I know you can't adjust a club during a round, had a guy in my league do it during a round last year and was penalised. I see the tee box right out my backdoor and we have pin position numbers posted on the cart.   
or try nail polish, you may look funny walking into Right Aid with a putter buy why not.
Try the Elmer's Painters pen it is real easy just blot it on a piece of paper and run it across the line.  This is one to look at   http://www.amazon.com/Elmers-Painters-Opaque-Marker-Silver/dp/B000BREQFW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1391128493&sr=8-8&keywords=Elmer%27s+Painters+pen
"Also, you're also not supposed to constantly adjust adjustable clubs. There's only one setting that works best; find it and leave it alone."         I have a 3 wood that can go from 14 to 16 degrees and I see value in being able to set it up for the conditions of the day. The course I play had a very long par 3 that ranges from 230 to 250 yards depending on the tee box and flag placement. I think the 360 ACE Lamkin will work just fine. I pull off all stock grips...
I just received a couple of  Lamkin R.E.L. 360 ACE 3GEN  grips. I will give a review after a couple of rounds.
I have found a black line is let noticeable then the white line. I used a Elmer's Painters pen that I bought at office max to change mine. If that does not suit your eye use some paint remover and a brass brush.
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