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Cheers, never seen this site before
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 8 Months My current handicap index or average score is: 21.8 My typical ball flight is: Straight (Irons + Hybrids) Slight Slice (Driver The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Chunking      Videos:               Any Tips will be welcomed thanks
So played a round with swing by swing app. Found it fantastic, Only problem i had was that i didnt charge my phone before going out on the course so battery ran out on the 16th. Came home and logged in on the site. Can see where my shots went and also gave me an accurate average with each club used. Gives you targets on how you can improve ie need certain amount of GIR and FIR to meet a target score you set and it will also work out your handicap with the rounds you have...
I either play alone or with my brother. Brother out of work at the moment so doesnt have the money to join the club. Anyone got any tips on how to get to know people at the club to play with. Im only 23, been playing 6-8 months and arent very confident with new people
Yeah a diary might be a good idea! i do snack more than i should because i never feel satisfied. Need to sort it out because im rejoining the Navy this year and training to get onto the golf team too
Now i dont suppose that there is a specific diet for golf, but just generally looking for someone with more knowledge than me. Im 23 and have started to put weight on as i never seem to feel full. is there any foods that are good for you but also fill you up at the same time? where shoukd i focus?
Cheers, find cleveland seem to be forgiving for some reason
So bringing up an old thread again. Just downloaded swingbyswing app on my Samsung Galaxy S4, lets u note which club you used and analyse the distances you got and rought locations when you get home. Will try it tuesday and post results.
Here my first WITB   bag view   Driver Rescues/Hyrids Mashie M2 and M3 - Hiyazaki 59R shafts Irons/dog (5-pw) CG16 Tour - Dynamic Golf True Temper Regular Shafts Close up of iron heads (ignore the mud played today) White Hot #6 Putter Forged 588 54° Copper, RTX 558 53º(used as sand wedge) Donnay 60º Copper wedge that i wont get rid of, was given to me when i started 8 months ago and remains my favourite, cheapest club.
Cheers for the reply guys! As im pretty short on funds think for now it will be a gps app and some marking flags! I did know my distances but my new clubs have thrown me off completely! Most apps will be the same right?
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