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My grip is unique compared to most in some ways but in general 'pressure points' at address are nothing more than the parts of palm and fingers (whatever they are for YOUR swing) are simply parts supporting the WEIGHT of the club and hence other than supporting the weight they should be passive. 'Active' in my book is consciously applying pressure or squeezing which could reduce the shaft angle change to forearm throughout the swing. As far as I know this angle changes in...
Club fitting can reduce amount of misfit in your game for the amount of contribution clubs have in your game. Nothing more nothing less. Nobody who is properly informed thinks that a good fit (there are levels and types of fitting based on the subject) will them absolve them from making an appropriate and/or consistent move through the ball.     As far as the "$600 putter" types - vanity players are concerned, I don't think golf is that much different from life in...
Never been to Portland. Something about your red pants in your avatar says you have exceptional driving skills though.  Please send me your SS number, copy of your drivers license and your DMV (or whatever you call it on the WC) record with a $25 cashiers check for a background check. If approved you will be notified by US mail in 21 days. NOTE: Please do not call or email about the status of your application. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED IF APPROVED.
Welcome to TST and Golf ! TM Burner not a bad club at all. Make sure to get fitted for size though. Good size fit helps in keeping you from learning some unintended bad habits. If time and money permit, please take a lesson or two from a PGA pro. Again, can make a huge difference in how much you will enjoy the game. Never let bad shots or bad scores EVER discourage you..  Good luck! 
Good for you. At least your clubs won't have to make a connection. I will have to ShipStick mine... Arkansas? Oh, in that case, I declare Kyle not a spy and a friend. Heck, I will even get in a car with him and some of 'The Others'. Stand down soldiers.
Hmm, or could be a spy... I don't trust west coasters. How can you trust people that can't drive in the rain??  
Charlotte, NC, flight out to PHX at 10:10 pm from there...
Blue??!!!  He said blue! He said blue! Boat jumper alert!!!
Will arrive in PHX at 11:22 PM Tuesday night.. Hope they have late night cabs in PHX.
So time off approved for me to get there Tuesday night ! Going to get some ticketing done tonight..
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