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I guess, we (or if I speak only for myself) should be optimistic because a Darren-freakin-Clarke won his first at age 40-something having never threatened to in since forever before. That's why. So much faith in past numbers (great analysis, BTW), but then how would one explain that and many others who come out of the blue? The difficulty and hence diminished possibility of winning majors in general is appreciated but on grander scale the difference in top 50 some golfers...
Thought she wasn't too bad. Played her part well playing second fiddle on most shows and didn't seem to mind that she was seen by lot of folks as little more than eye candy. She never seemed to try to be one of the big boys of GC like Kelly T. I definitely see her more fit for NFL than golf for some reason. Good for her. The 'about to crack' makeup was hard to look at though.  
Obviously they are impressed that you finally made contact. Period.
Some good advice above. Here's a tangible aspect based on my own trials and tribs that you can possibly relate to. Check your ball position on the course relative to what you have at the range. Couple of inches backwards or forwards can be night and day diff. I notice that I 'tend' to setup slightly back in the stance when on the course for some reason causing straight pushes instead of tiny draws and worse head tends to pull up a lot through impact since clubface needs...
She's here! I think 4-5 days after PO. Brought it to work and been stealing lines every moment I get. Thanks.
Never mind, just read PW in the book. Will wait for it.
Is the membership a separate one from TST membership? Thanks,Vishal
Question if anybody wants to indulge. From what little I know, breaking down the nuts and bolts MN's strength was hitting it straight (without curve) with an unusual repeatability, with repeatability being the more significant 'talent'. So really, was his repeatability somewhat or significantly more facilitated by his 'simple' mechanics or due to his unique personality?    Also, honestly I am having a hard time seeing with his move he got home with short/mid irons in...
Late to the party, but just purchased my copy!!
Yes, some would have planes, cars, electricity... etc., banned if they could. 2/10 is an opinion, 5/10 is a debate, 7/10 is a bill, 8+/10 is a law. Bottom line, enough people annoyed/offended/dead, facts or no facts, the matter is ban fodder. BTW, personally I would never vote (if I had one) against cigars altogether. Just in closed spaces.
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