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Well, I don't really qualify at the moment as I am about 3 or maybe 4 shots shy of the HCP ceiling, but the season is still young...   Full name is Vishal Shah but go by 'V' amongst friends. Graduated from University of Massachusetts in 1999 with an Engineering graduate degree. Currently run the engineering department for a Diesel Engines Fuel systems manufacturing company down here in the Virginia Beach area. I am 40 years old and hit a golf ball for the first...
Best swing yet! The brood messing around at Lambert's Point..
I haven't worn a glove in years!! Wait, may be I should post that in the you-are-a- non-golfer-if thread..! 
@Abu3baid, sorry, I am following your comments here, but let me understand this correctly, are you arguing that it is a softer crime because in your opinion it is comparable to another commonplace crime?
What did the X-ray look like originally?
Haven't read too many posts on this thread, and do not get too many opportunities to hit the range much (once a month maybe) but when I do:   75-80% driver: All important, mostly single handedly makes or breaks my round to the order of +/- 5 to 6 shots. D-Swing also tends to vary the most.   15%-20%  short-mid irons: This doesn't change as much but I absolutely have to watch my grip so I practice to simply confirm it with my ball flight generally.    I play golf to...
Thanks, Sounds like a nice full trip.   Planning one to Orlando/Tampa with my boys here in Nov. BTW, somebody mentioned a 'soft' swing instead of a 'slow' swing last night while watching re-telecast of Zurich. Don't know why but that really struck a chord.  
Matt, which courses did you play if you don't mind my asking.
Right, you are not used to taking divots with ANY of your clubs when on fairway. Woods long irons even less so. Not unusual for mid handicappers (myself included) who are still getting used to the idea of ripping through the fairway (after striking the ball, of course) without hesitation. Makes full release a little less of a probability from the fairway - i.e., won't draw as much. Not as much a problem when it is teed up a bit because ground not as much a factor and you...
 You tend to full release when teed up subconsciously because of lack of fear of hitting the ground which will allow it to draw (not duck hook). When on ground/fairway you tend to well, not release as much especially if you are not used to taking divots and also won't go as far.  
New Posts  All Forums: