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I think maybe a clear definition of what the scale means would be in order. I think a good instructor would be just as good in either case because they use video etc., even when instructing in person. I believe the difference is more student dependent. BTW, if somehow it is somewhat objectively defined that an particular instructor is not that good then I would not entrust my swing to them anyway. Online or in person. I mean I would be literally incapable of bringing...
I do not understand the logic that tee time spacing affects pace of play of the entire round. All shorter intervals do is create a back up (bottleneck) at the first tee since the groups naturally space themselves out as play progresses after first tee whether it is 10 mins or more between shots.    As a rule the course is only as fast as it's slowest group (unless they are letting people through all day). Par 3s may be bottlenecks but that is by design i.e., they are...
Classless. Self serving at best.
 Thanks. Should I interpret that as: once you get it inline, snap or sweep should not be a conscious preference? Sorry, I have never really paid any attention to my downswing until I started to study and implement 5SK so your insight will help. While I try to be stupid monkey as much as I can I do tend to think that motion type (eg. snap/sweep) thought (only tech. thought) through the ball helps me map my entire swing better.  
This has become one of my favorite subjects lately. Lean more towards a Sweep release or Snap release?
Ms. Julia,   Here's 2 cents or less. Based on what I have read on your posts as to how much time you are already putting in, I think you will get to within 90% of your best handicap within a couple of years (or even earlier). You are not going to grow in height or strength or get significantly more athletic (since you already are). So unless you have a MAJOR swing flaw still remaining at that point in your swing (you better not in 2 years with this much instruction and...
I have always had this perspective about distance: I will gladly give up 10-15 yards on my driver distance if it means gaining 20% accuracy but go only from a wedge to a 9 iron. Most are not that much more worse with a 9 vs. a SW.   But if it means going from a 7 iron to a 5 iron? no thanks. I just lose a WHOLE bunch of accuracy on the approach. Personally I am not too bad with a 7 but would be happy to hit a house with a 5.   EDIT: My bad. @iacas already said this in...
Club will actually cut through a lot of it (as Lihu seems to have already experienced). Not all it would need to be displaced.
. My point! My point!
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