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I think it will not reach to a raging epidemic level. But it will unfold further taking a few hundred before it is contained in the US. This is the case where I am glad we the an over-cautious people as a nation.    I am more concerned about other continents where border control is fractional compared to US. People live in tighter spaces and people come in physical contact a lot more easily.   I have two young kids and I would be lying if I didn't say my heart beats a...
Thanks for the explanation Erik. Some confirmation for me here. Swing plane seems to be more of a swing 'band' around the torso below the sternum at a tilt which is flatter than nevet88's (hence club pointing outside of the ball at A5 as you explained) example which is what I try to use as a swing image. Because of my jacked up address I lift the club above this plane (backswing) and drop down on it to engage the torso and then begin the downswing. For whatever reason the...
Aww, not so bad. The less intelligent the better actually. Plus the redhead from True Blood is on the very high end of the 'watchability' chart if not off it.
I voted yes. Falls behind Olympics (both winter and summer versions) but obviously not a regular threat.   BTW, appreciate you calling it a sport. I had a friendly argument (who hasn't?) about this with a someone last year. I had to get a full read on the thread here on TST about this subject to get some ammo.
Hmm, that allegation belongs to ' you are a non-TSTer if..' thread. Just kidding. Can and do when I intend to. But I get your point. My bad.
Damn a-mature!
...if you don't know what stimp means.
Probably, but the real golfer struggles on slow greens and the wannabe struggles on fast greens. No?
....if you 3+ putt all day on greens that stimp anything over 6.
Absolutely yes. If they mind, tell them the five wise elders (and one 'other') at TST said you could. As one comment here says no different than getting paired up with folks at the golf course. Assumption is that YOU are ok with playing with three people you have never met. Have fun. 
New Posts  All Forums: