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Nice post! Do you think you your loss of driver/3 wood for the month was attributable (I hope that is a word) to head movement (since you mention that as your priority piece)?  BTW, not buying the short sell on talent. Au contraire, anybody with a day job and limited practice/play getting down to 3-4 hcp strikes to me a talent all of its own.  
 Well, Let me use my personal example to explain. When I visited GE, There were specific changes in the 'picture' that I had to make starting with set up and have specific drills to ingrain the new pic. See below. To me that is very specific an example of B. It may not look like much to some but for me these are HUGE. To me an example of A would be @cipher's swing (I thought of this thread after I saw his latest swing on his thread and some discussion of how that could...
Thanks. So are you re-tooling or you have you decided to just live with what you have? Would you mind sharing details if you are re-tooling., i.e., priority piece, etc.?
 Thanks! Would you mind if I ask you what is your priority piece?
Yeah this is where it gets grey IMO. Then wouldn't that favor A) more so than B)?
I don't know how people can sustain rapid wholesale changes like this. Lifestyle change would be SOOOooo difficult to sustain if not eased into over a period of a year or two. I agree it looks more than 30 lbs loss. 1 lb = 3,500 calorie. Even if he lost 'only' 20 lbs. He cut out 70K calorie in a couple of months. I think I would forget my name by the 4th day...
JAB. Pure muscular force. They develop it using a speed bag. A seasoned boxer can knock you out cold sitting on a bar stool.
So I have been training with a Swing Speed Radar made by Sports Sensors for a few months. After my mirror work and slow drills I hit Dixie cups with my driver in the living room after kids go down for about 10 minutes to not lose my full speed rhythm with the SSR to monitor SS and Tempo. I have gone up about 4 mph on an average since Sept-Oct. Awesome.    Well, last night I swung my driver a little too close to the SSR box (you place the box about 8 -10 inches from the...
.. you have a swing that is technically fairly sound and better than 99% (give or take a couple) of the general golfing population. Let's assume that you have your eyes and heart set on getting down to scratch.   So, at what point of your handicap did you say/decide that to reduce your shot dispersion to a scratch level:    A) since you already have is a mechanically sound swing or the best swing your body will produce, what you need is to focus mostly on reducing...
Meaningless and to no real intended end. Little bit pompous that he has 'softened' his stance towards TW and because of that sounds little bit like a pile on even though he might not have intended to come across as such.   If he really wants to help then why not directly call and leave a voicemail that is 'available' for Tiger instead of using a public forum. I am sure pride would get in the way of that too.
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