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If fitting done on a properly calibrated launch monitor with a good fitter, in the least fitting doesn't hurt. Also, it is eye opening to find out that you don't clear 240 on the fly, i.e., it is educational in other ways. It is also good to know that you are hitting the Pings same as TMs, etc., so when you get a terrible roll you don't necessarily start thinking equipment.   Get fit. Even the beginners will only benefit. Nothing to lose.
Thanks. My interest in all this is new and purely academic. I don't mess around with it much in reality. I am still wondering if the shaft angle changes for the loft change. Unlike a head that was constructed to have more or less loft, it seems like adjusting 'loft' would change the base plate angle too. I am not sure how significant it would be but would think the entire weight distribution of the club head in relation to how it hangs from the shaft would change. Huh. 
Yes, I know you weren't suggesting. Was just agreeing with your post and giving my own example to further it. BTW, I am going to read up on what happens when you 'close' or 'open' the face as advertised. I doubt if it is just spinning it around the hosel. That would just rotate the shaft around its own axis and at best relocate the logos - I would think only the easily gullible would actually believe that the face angle changed if so. Really, I thought it changed the lie...
I put this up for the obvious shock value. Couldn't resist. But really the point was you don't have to point face square as an absolute rule. I am assuming even accomplished players (in my book, low single digit HC or better) have variance in how they point at address. I guess functional value of face adjustment manifests mostly at impact.
Check this out. How about this clown pointing the face downwards? No amount of face adjustment can rescue this disaster.  
Yeah, know where you are coming from. But still the underdog defying the odds story. Considering the reach of this story IMHO should be sold as a feel good regardless of whether she is genuine or not. I think quite a few will be/are genuinely inspired. Nothing good comes out of calling her out even if she was faking it. We will never truly know for sure anyway. V
Pitching. Not reactive. Not much start up momentum (stand still to 'explosion'). Have to pretty much depend on proper sequencing of loading and unloading (not that other sports don't but similar motions like hockey, tennis motion have more built up momentum than a golf swing at delivery - BIG difference). I dunno about 'mental' side.
If you want a 4 layer ball - MAXFLI U/4. For $20/doz at Dicks, straight up best deal. They also have U/6 but I haven't tried coz' not exactly 'budget' balls at $30+doz.
I think maybe a clear definition of what the scale means would be in order. I think a good instructor would be just as good in either case because they use video etc., even when instructing in person. I believe the difference is more student dependent. BTW, if somehow it is somewhat objectively defined that an particular instructor is not that good then I would not entrust my swing to them anyway. Online or in person. I mean I would be literally incapable of bringing...
I do not understand the logic that tee time spacing affects pace of play of the entire round. All shorter intervals do is create a back up (bottleneck) at the first tee since the groups naturally space themselves out as play progresses after first tee whether it is 10 mins or more between shots.    As a rule the course is only as fast as it's slowest group (unless they are letting people through all day). Par 3s may be bottlenecks but that is by design i.e., they are...
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