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Duration of action immaterial. The DISTRACTION being the operative effect. Just for the record I have no problems with others who like/use covers. Use on.
Oh, the thread seems to have evolved to everybody's personal preference not just pros so I was commenting on my personal pref. Anyway, that would be 7 minutes of unnecessary distraction. Not sure I understand what the 60 minutes duration is. Surely not the duration of the round, yes? 
I would never consider putting covers on the most lethal weapons known to mankind....especially on the battlefield. A bare and gleaming iron is a true connection to our cavemen origin.   Ok, so seriously, an overkill for what I care about in my irons and a really a distraction taking them off and putting them back on multiple times during a round.  
Thanks Erik!! I practice this in my slow drills but it creeps back into my normal speed swing. This is the ONE habit that has deep waters. I will get vigilant about this.
Nice work! Not sure what you can add.
Try sweeping the ball with right palm facing somewhat toward the ground. Wiping a table top with a cloth is a good mental image. Chop down swing definitely no good.
Cost also covers the trainer. Good trainers are worth this. Highly recommended to have one in any exercise done to muscle failure. 
Good observation. But yes, exaggerating separation of hips from hands a bit to keep them out of the swing a bit. My bad shots happen with 'shove-y' hips (lack of rotation). Makes me stand up through impact, etc. That is my worst miss. I see the lack of knee flex though. No reason for that. Thanks for making me look. Couple more comments. Right side pulling leg off the floor through impact looks odd but it is because a lack of rotational release of the left hand (you can't...
Bill,   I think you are going to drop a LOT of shots this year off your 'cap. That is a strikers move. Are you hitting the same in your rounds (if you have gotten any in yet)?   V
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