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Happy 4th! Spending the day grilling, eating and drinking with the famiglia.... Played none of the above. Came close to playing Whistling Straits once (2005) but ended up playing Blackwolf Run (River) instead. I think the difficulty of any of these would have been lost on me back then as would just shoot 115-120 no matter where I played.
Slowly migrating to the plan! Club takeaway is decidedly lower and am actually feeling comfortable doing it. I am finding that the downswing is feeling a lot less handsy.     Signed off for 39 again at Cypress Point yesterday for front 9. Did not have my driver or 2 hybrid with me but fast fairways + warm weather made short work of distances with the 3 hybrid from white tees. Irons striking is really starting to become a strength. Happy to say I have returned to using my...
I would agree that it seems low but for me it is sheer experience over the last year or so once I started keeping a track of my calorie count. Not trying to loose weight or anything. And of course it is approximate, +/- 50. It just seems that above that count for a few weeks with a one cheater night or so adds pounds and makes me feel sluggish in general. If I stay around that number I feel lighter on my foot and maintain weight, generally better. I can walk 18 holes with...
My wife thinks I am absolute stud when I hit a drive TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE YARDS!!!!!! Then she looks at me with wide eyes and open mouth with the absolute adoration of a young nubile golf groupie as I explain the detailed intricacies of this inhuman super power that I have. Good things follow.
 Sorry, here is the link. Thought I posted it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuCXlPzGmJU
In my case, it is the urge to give some extra room between myself and the ball to swing the arms and club freely. I almost always feel the inevitable arms disconnect from torso in the DS when this happens.
Was watching this video just to see anything of note (cannot embed it as owner has disabled playback on any other website other than Youtube) . Fairway wood at 1:52 seems to have a familiar bad move; seems to squat down and fire lower body with arms trying catch up and ends up just throwing them at the ball.   Don't know what causes that; an urge to hit hard, bad sequencing or just that arms in a bad position at the top of BS., etc.   Anyone care to comment?    
4 eagles to date including a 2 on a par 4. No aces. IMO, there is so much chance involved in both that impossible to gage which is harder simply because you are typically not trying to hole it out unlike a 8 foot putt deliberately.   'Likelihood' would point to a 2 on a par 4 easier IMO.
Wow, lot of ridicule and disapproval of DT as POTUS.   I agree with all of it. 
Once in a while, usually Cypress Point- closer to where I live. You local?
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