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+1 for a fall outing. Would love to join. Did one with the PA/OH/NY group few weeks ago. Was an absolute blast. V
Is it just a matter of loss of or change in full body proprioception?  Gotta be one of his greatest strengths in his heyday when he would win even with his B game. Happens over time (age related) and specifically because of re-distribution of nerve cells from the recovery process through major injuries, etc.   I don't if you can re-learn innate things like that. But if anybody can, he can. That would go a long way in his positional and motion map consistency from which...
Agree, but I think in reality they will hand out a suspension (they better). I think lifetime bans are for repeat offenders. What a shame.
I am not sure we have heard the last of it from them. Just too blatant. Trying to avoid a spike mark? 
Don't think forward shaft lean is a guarantee that the clubhead is travelling downwards. i.e., shaft could be leaning forward and the club can still be travelling up or flat in it's entirely, albeit with less loft.
Is that it really?? Can he not manage that?
BTW, I hate it's 'mental' thing. Even if it was in his head, it manifest physically, somehow, somewhere. What is it? 
Hmm, in all seriousness, if I am hired as a his 'coach' (or at this stage, ANYBODY) he is probably not looking for new information, knowledge method etc. Maybe a set of keen eyes? My assumption is his misses are not a pattern but more of a drift from it. I think he probably already knows when he is drifting and how so. I guess, he would be the one educating; I would be the one watching it and pointing out when he does that 'thing' (insert whatever) again. A camera could do...
Boy, they're insufferable.
Just read the news. Damn. Somewhere Chamblee is laughing so hard he is farting holes through his underwear.
New Posts  All Forums: