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All other things considered equal, I absolutely think so. But it is a strong hunch at best on my personal experiences. Never hit a driver then hit it again after shortening it, which in my opinion would be the only 100% confirmation. But other things happen too; a shorter lighter driver can make you a tad bit more handsy so I would cut half inch at a time at the most.   Let us know how it works out. I am certainly curious.
Why 1-2-3? Why not just a long 1 for BS and a short 2 for DS? O...........n............e/ t..w..o. Especially if you are trying to shorten BS.  
+1. Slightly different note..I have always felt that a players true potential is displayed not necessarily in the 10 best of their last 20 rounds regardless of score variance but with a minimum of 5 rounds within rounds where they score within maximum 5 shots variance or next lowest variance. This could be any number of rounds in the last 20 anywhere in the score hierarchy. In other words more mean than average. IMHO this has a better chance of eliminating outliers on...
My handicap will refresh to just below 10 by end of May. Well, let me put it this way. I think it is a lot closer to potential on the low side than the high side definitely. On any given day I am much more apt to shoot a 85 (3 over HCP depending on course) then I am 79 (3 below HCP). 
....oh boy, sorry about what I am going to say but this is just getting out of hand........and then what? do it all over again?? So let me understand this, you already had an injury from over two months ago and you are still beating 50,000 balls on the range! What happens when you go through the balls? - are you hitting ball number 50 better than number 1, number 100 better than 50, number 150 better than number 100 and so on and on...in any accountable way or...
Damn.. what happened???
Thanks, very useful info.
Agreed boss! Life happens and many a times you bring it on yourself (as in the case I stated). As I also stated, it actually made a good learning experience for me to hit provisional unless I was absolutely 'virtually' certain. Takes a few seconds compared to the trek back and forth for a re-tee. Stating a worst case scenario to make a case for it. OT: And, yes also a learning experience for some in our group to keep up. Honestly that part of the situation wanted to make...
I hear you and sympathize completely. Been in the situation where we were already pushed a bit, then lost time looking for the ball and then had to go re-tee. The marshal about had had it (he was already stalking us before the incidence) when two entire foursome had already congregated at the tee and we were just getting our second shots out. I now hit a provisional with even half a doubtful thought. I think it would be best not to post the round if you deviate. BTW, love...
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