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Maybe TV don't fill her soul no more. Maybe she be gone having babies and stuff..
 So no more hitting a '6' iron 190 yds?
Hold a pen to the screen at the replay to follow line of flight. Freeze at 0:32. Curving up. In the least it is the weirdest ball flight. Guess chalk it up to camera optics.
Wow. Don't think a ball. A descending ball (seems to be descending), even if a flat driver hit would probably have a more vertical flight down and lot less steam. Then again, golf courses tend to have golf balls flying around. Interesting. The garden variety UFO's bigger, no? 
   Thanks. Seems to depend on the area. Have taken my wife to several courses in Virginia Beach (Cypress Point  and Virginia Beach National), Chesapeake (Cahoon Plantation, Chesapeake Golf Club), Williamsburg (Williamsburg National and Stonehouse) and Suffolk (Riverfront) and was not asked once to pay until this occurrence at Battlefield in Chesapeake, heck I didn't even know about this practice. Just a friendly rib to the wife every now and then for not playing....
 Now, that is a sign of true sellers' market.  
Thanks for the input guys, I still think little disingenuous and leaves a bad taste. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised if this happens at other courses/areas where this is more of a common practice.   
So went to play as a single few weeks ago. Took my sister (visiting) as a non-playing rider with me. The course demanded that I pay an extra $12 for her to ride with me. I was already paying $12 for a cart with MY round. I asked why would I have to pay for the same cart twice, they explained since I have a rider they would have to provide another cart for somebody they had 'planned' to put with me. It was a slow cold day and barely a few players out there. I had asked the...
I guess no other reason than that I happened to be trained to apologize for any taken or untaken offenses.  Happens to be the crowning jewel of my wife's many and considerable accomplishments.
Thanks. I stand corrected. Apologies to @Golfingdad. All along I have thought this to be a pre-planned practice from last two days of lot of reading and couldn't wrap my mind around how stupid this is if intentional. I still think this is all about preferences of how QBs like their balls - soft, hard, scuffed, oiled, etc and until now nobody really cared. Don't care about either teams (Redskins, Lions dead long time ago) really.    
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