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Thought about this for a bit. $50K is my price. Not that I or the family couldn't use lesser sums, but I guess for selfish reasons I would for go anything less for a lifetime of memory/memories.  
When I play MAXFLIs, people who I get paired up with me look down on me, disrespect me, walk on my putting line with utter disdain and talk behind my back. But Pro V1s on the other hand beget me great admiration and respect from the same people. A look of awe and envy when I place the PRO V1 logo visible on the tee is not at all unusual. I get invited for beer, labor day weekend parties and even weddings.  
Fantastic! My kids a little younger (8 and 6) but I take them to the local First Tee course and let them just beat the ball around. Only guidance so far is aim the body and club and right hand on the bottom.
This. It's a start. You would have to still have a 'poppy' (acceleration) no wrist release move through the ball to get any appreciable spin. I personally don't have confidence to accelerate enough to try. It's hard to not get flippy. Thin shots will scurry across and off the green.
I think the phrase could be considered a metaphor for swing within yourself/put less effort than what will cause you to get knocked off your feet. No need to get anymore technical/literal than that. Not productive for most high/mid handicappers.    
The women in my life are absolute powerhouses. That would be my wife and my 7 and 1/2 year old princess. They are emotionally more stable, organized, effective, 'un-lazy', less whiny and just straight-up wiser than the boys (myself and my 5 1/2 year old son). of course this is in very relative terms. Centuries of lopsided conditioning seems to have had no effect on them. I couldn't be prouder.
+1 for a fall outing. Would love to join. Did one with the PA/OH/NY group few weeks ago. Was an absolute blast. V
Is it just a matter of loss of or change in full body proprioception?  Gotta be one of his greatest strengths in his heyday when he would win even with his B game. Happens over time (age related) and specifically because of re-distribution of nerve cells from the recovery process through major injuries, etc.   I don't if you can re-learn innate things like that. But if anybody can, he can. That would go a long way in his positional and motion map consistency from which...
Agree, but I think in reality they will hand out a suspension (they better). I think lifetime bans are for repeat offenders. What a shame.
I am not sure we have heard the last of it from them. Just too blatant. Trying to avoid a spike mark? 
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