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So far I have just played around previewing courses on it. I won't be able to go out and play for another week and a half, so I will have to wait to see how it is on the course. But from just looking through course previews and looking at the maps, distances, etc, it seems like it is spot on. Does give you distances to hazards, as well as front, center, and back of green, which is nice. I will give a more detailed review about it after I play on the 15th. 
Thanks for the info. I found a g6 on eBay for cheap and already got it. Cant wait to get on the course to try it out for real in a couple weeks.
Yeah, it does not happen very often. That one time in the fog though was beautiful. 
Getting the first tee time in the fall, when its just cool enough to consider wearing a jacket, and its all quiet, with no one on the course, and you rip that beautiful drive through the fog into the the abyss that is the first fairway. 
These are great. I need to come up with my own. Only ones I use are from the movie "Tin Cup"   Whenever a friend is debating about what club to hit, the response is always, "I highly recommend the shovel."   Not very creative :(
Thank god I am still single lol
Thanks for the info. I've been considering the g6 because I have found some nice deals on eBay.
I've been considering buying a gps handheld or gps watch, and have been researching and looking for deals for the last couple days.
Anyone have any experience with this? I am thinking about getting one, but want to hear some reviews from those who have or have used one. Is it better to have the info on a watch for a quick glance, or am is it better to go with a handheld gps?   Any info would be appreciated.
Should probably take up bowling instead.
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