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I was about 14 years old, and my dad found me a set of golf clubs at a garage sale for $7. (Bag, driver, 3-wood, 3,5,7,9 irons and a putter. He took me to the driving range a couple times, and then to a small 9 hole course one summer and I really enjoyed actually having something that me and my dad could do together. I would usually play once or twice a year. Wasn't until I started working with a bunch of die hard golfers that I started getting really passionate about it....
Well tomorrow is only April 1.....and it is still a long season lol. Just make sure you hide the body well, and have an alibi.
I used to get very angry when I was younger (early 20s), used to hit my club into the ground, etc. Now if I hit a really bad shot and get really frustrated about it, I will just tell my buddy to take the cart and I will walk to my ball (Cursing the entire time until I find my ball, and then cursing more when I see how horrible of a lie I have once I find it in the trees.) But thats about the extent of me getting angry now. I used to have a big anger problem growing up and...
I really like Michael Breed myself. His pointers on putting is phenomenal. I did some of the things he said, (shaft lean, keeping my head down through the follow through, etc) and my putting has improved considerably.    He also responds on Twitter too. He's reposted a couple of my tweets over the past year. 
Were you playing by yourself when it took 5 hrs and 10 min. If so that just blows my mind that you would get held up. Jeez, just let you play through. Last time I played alone, I finished 18 holes in about 1 hr 50 min.
I hear that. Chicago area here. Hoping that the courses will be open on Tuesday. But on a positive note for me, I'm moving to San Antonio in 3 weeks, so no more snow for me. I feel for all you guys waiting for this winter to be over though. I'm going stir crazy here.
I'm planning on walking this year too. I need to lose a lot of weight, so any exercise is good exercise. Plus, I can golf more since I won't be renting a cart all the time now.
I drive a 2011 Dodge Charger 
I bought the Black one myself.....and that looks badass. Kinda wish I did the same thing.
Thats awesome. If I get myself to a point where I can play competitively, I would love to be able to do some amateur events or qualifiers. Was very pleased with my first range session of the year the other day. Still can't hit my driver very well, but it was going straight, but not happy with the yardage (Was hitting it further with my 3 wood by about 50 yards). But my iron play and short game looked pretty decent for not having played in a few months.
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