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Hmmmm, maybe Dicks isn't doing well in the golf market because you can find the same equipment for about half the price on ebay or other golf outlets online.
Yeah, I think if I got a hole in one on my first swing I would have just quit and been like, "yeah, I conquered this game."   I personally think, that for me, its the failures that keep me coming back. I enjoy, and actually play better when I'm in trouble. Nothing makes me happier than pulling off a shot that I initially think is far-fetched.    Of course the successes also keep me coming back. Honestly think one of the top 5 moments of my life was getting my first...
  Yeah, I just find it funny that I can come through in tough situations like that but then blow up on easier holes. Its a mental thing really.
Just played again today, and after shooting a 98 last week, I am sad to announce that I have regressed a little this week by shooting a 111. My putting was just dreadful today and I was hooking everything badly (considering I normally have a slight fade to my swing). But not all was lost. Had 3 good shots from inside the bunkers. I also had this great opportunity. Par 4, this is where my tee shot ended up after just missing the fairway left by about 10 yards. Took my...
Just got back from playing today, and finally broke 100 and shot a 98, Putting was average, hit a few shots fat that cost me a couple strokes as well. Good news about today though...I ended up in deep bunkers twice, and both times hit it out easily, which has me giddy with excitement because I suck at bunker shots.    Basically, I need to work on my short game a bunch and get some more consistency with my woods and irons. 
I routinely play alone, but if the course staff asks me if I would pair up with another single or group, I will gladly say yes. As for playing through, I generally don't play through unless the group in front of me is very adamant that I do. I have no problem waiting when I'm playing alone. I played yesterday alone, and breezed through the front 9 in a little over an hour and then caught up with a group by hole 11. But the wait wasn't too long, and seeing that I had no...
I had a couple holes like that today as well. My putting had a lot of 3-putts on the front, but then had a few 1-putts on the back, which helped.
Yeah it is.... I've had a few chances the last year and a half but I always missed the putt by just a bit. I seemed like that ball took forever to get into the hole. Now I just got to add more pars and eliminate the doubles and the triples from my scorecard. Just have to go play again next week ;)
Just got back from playing another round. Was an interesting day. Started out doing pretty decent through 4 holes, and then the 5th and 6th came. Lost 3 balls on each hole, and just picked up after 10 strokes. Managed to close out the front 9 with a bogey, par, and triple-bogey. Had only one ball left in my bag, so after deciding to continue playing (although I was contemplating quitting after hole 6), I went into the clubhouse to buy another box of balls and finish my...
I just moved to San Antonio a couple months ago. So far I've only played at Alsatian Golf Club in Castroville, and at the Silverhorn Golf Club. They were both pretty nice courses.
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