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Funny thing about generations, we typically favour the one we are part of. I won't argue Orr or Gretzky because I watched them both. If you never saw Jack, then you don't know Jack! When you age a little you might understand.
79 - Why? Because he quits playing when he knows he can't win. I don't need to say anything else, he proved my point today.
We will never know who would have triumphed head to head in their prime, but some things to considered when comparing careers. 1) The times Jack did not win the big tournaments but was still top 3 is 19, Tiger 6 2) Tiger did not spend the first 5 years of his career with spectators yelling at him in his backswing; he loses his mind when someone whispers 3) The equipment, training, and support was a joke compared to Tiger's 4) Today's tour player is catered to, they want...
Bit higher than the DG S300, but tight, and the way the shaft bends has helped reduce my AoA which was always on the steep side. The six iron on the trackman had me in at -4.1 average, but with the S300's I was -6. The club head speed was very similar, approx 91mph. In the end, I am 49, I still hit the ball hard and far, but my hands, wrists, and elbows hurt if I practice too much, I never expected the added benefits of AoA. Great shafts, I was told by the people at...
Have you ever played The knives they played, or hit the ball they used. I grew up and learned how to play on Wilson Dynapowers, hitting balls that quickly went oval on you. For anyone to compare any modern player with a guy that came out of that era, they need to tell me how many strokes their new super ultra game improving equipment saves them. Jack is now and always will be better, until someone else can keep the 6" between their ears together long enough to win 19...
714's, With the VBR grips, I am getting serious about protecting the wrists and elbows before things get bad.
Or get blown out, I love Watching Tiger, but look at the amount Jack was top 3 in the big events, he was always in it, Tigers wins or is out of it. Jack was more methodical, he took risk when required and tried to be in position at the back nine in the final round.
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AP2's with Steel Fibre i110 Stiff.
Jack dominated some of the greats, and when he lost, he was second or third. Loved watching him in the 70's & 80's. Miss his character. Today I compare Michelson to Palmer, and Tiger to Jack, but Jack is the better golfer.
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