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oh and another thing.  I am able to separate the two sides of the couch, so i can move one in the left side and bring the other up when i want to play. so the couch shouldnt be an issue.  thanks again
Thanks @MS256.  The cabinets are built in so those arent moving haha.  The house was pretty pricey, so i am trying to keep it as non invasive as possible.   The other problem im running in to, is if i put a tarp (im thinking through that too) in front of this screen id have to buy a 2nd projector because the image size would be different on each of them. may be my best option, just most expensive haha.  I definately want to keep the screen I have up for movies and tv, as...
no net because the nets are too tall and it would block half of the projection screen... I am just responding a lot because im working through stuff. I dont have a really viable option at all yet.
ok, sorry to keep posting without response, but as ideas pop up, i run with them. It seems now, that if i would fur out the projection screen (add 2 inches behind the mount) (as the poster above insinuated was already there) then there would be enough play to deaden the ball i think. then i just need to come up with something for the bottom and side of the room.  I could easily build something for the side, with pvc and netting, but the bottom, because the knock outs for...
continuing to think out loud here... Im thinking my best, and maybe one of my few options here is building a golf ball tether.  so when it hits, it just swings around back in to position.   I dont care about the ball hitting a screen, i just want the feel of the strike, that tells me if it was fat, thin, hozzled, etc. any additional thoughts?
As im working this out in my head. im not sure that putting another screen in front will work, because it now enlarges the image size, because the screen is 2 feet forward.   man this is really hard :(
its mounted on the wall, so there is very little space behind it.  like an inch.  not really enough to kill the ball speed enough (i dont think). another thought i just had was just getting a tripod screen. that may work.
Good morning folks.  Long time lurker, first time poster.   I am in the middle of a project to get my golf sim up and running well.   I have a theatre room in my basement that will be perfect, once i figure out the right way to make it work.  Im looking for the communities help to do that.   1. The couch.  With the couch on the bottom level, its not possible to get anything more than a PW full swing. Nice thing is, its a dual recliner couch, which means the ONLY place...
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