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Thanks guys! Makes perfect sense. Got some good info to get me back in the right direction!
I've been Playing Golf for:​ 8 years My current handicap index or average score is: 4.1 My typical ball flight is: straight  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pulls/blocks   Hi guys, first video post..just wanted to get your thoughts. I've been on a terrible streak of being inconsistent. Always fought a slice and tried to fix it myself. I'm fighting the occasional pull and shots to the right. I'm pretty sure I'm steep in the downswing...
I would be afraid if I had the watch that i would use it TOO much. I love my skycaddie but sometimes I tend to over use it and lose my sense of range estimation. I guess i'm always afraid i'll be lost if I can't use it.
Mine I'm atop a 55' telesquirt trying to knock down one of our towns biggest fires. I was at that fire for 20 hours before I finally got to go home. It was an old pottery factory that was being scrapped. Definitely one for the books.
He said in his press conference that some of the approaches were bouncing as high as the flag. It'll be interesting to see the scoring if they are that firm and the rough is as thick as they are talking.
I was with my chief last summer golfing. We were on the tee box and a group coming up the next hole towards us were about 90 yards from us. The guy on that hole hit a nasty skulled slice and nailed the Fire Chief in the forehead. He dropped like a sac of potatoes, I thought they killed him. Of course when he wakes up blood is pouring from his head, The guys that hit him run over and tried to pour beer on him to wash the blood away...that part was pretty funny. He looked...
I drink during league...But thats probably why my league scores suck. I sometimes play with a guy that drinks at least 12 or 15 during a round. Thing is, he shoots par or better when drinking. If he doesn't drink he's terrible..go figure.
You guys ever see a movie where a guy shoots a gun inside of a small metal room and the bullet bounces everywhere and everyone is ducking? Well apparently I have a hole in my net in the garage...and i'm down 2 florescent lights.  Damn i'm ready for spring.
I shortened my driver 1/2" and added head weight to bring my swingweight back up. Gonna do the same for 3 wood and hybrid. Going to flatten my irons first and if I still have trouble with center contact I may trim them too if I dont like the feel of choking down. Im Ready for spring!
Hey anyone got any blueprints for a homemade club bending stand? It's hard to get something sturdy enough not to budge when I'm trying to bend a club. I can weld and am fairly handy but would rather not pay for one. I'd like to build one myself. Thanks guys!
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