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Thanks man! I'll do the fitting as well. From what I remember that was actually kind of fun. I'll let you know how it goes.
Wow, that is a great idea and I feel a little stupid for not thinking of changing the shafts. I was actually hitting at the range the other day, which I hadn't done for a few years, and the club head of my PW broke off and flew out into the range. So it's probably about time I changed the shafts anyways. I am a little low on funds right now too so this will be a great alternative. I will also see about hitting on a lie board too. Thanks again for the info.
I am looking to buy a new set of fitted irons as I think I have outgrown my current set (I have to bend over too much for the club head to lie flat at address). Does anyone have any recommendations on which set to get for a high handicapper? Also, does anyone know any good sites that have user reviews for irons? Thanks!
Thanks mvmac! I will check out some of those threads.
Hello everyone,   My name is Joe. I am a 31 year old software developer from Chico, CA, the home of Sierra Nevada Brewery, Chico State and Build.com, where I work. I used to be an avid golfer for several years but got burnt out and stopped playing for a while. I am now getting back into it and really enjoying it. Looking forward to meeting some other golfers and hopefully lowering my scores.
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