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Sorry ... thanks for the link!
MS256... thanks for the input !!!
Joe.. NO... :)
Parker,  I agree with you there .. long term effects on most all the good things we do from Viagra to the rest of them, its no fun :)    It was just over the years all the competitive sports and the body breaking down, the knee was the worst.  I had Surgery but kept over rotating on the drive and shots turning it again and again, i had to climb out of the cart and hobble to the tee box.   it was no fun, so it was either go straight to injectables HGH and Test or try...
Golfing Dad.. no its not a "sales pitch" lol ..   Just catching a lot of heat from my buddies   thanks for the input !
Hello Sand Trap, i am new to this board and this is my first post ... i had a question i thought i would put out into the Sand Trap community.   I moved down to Florida, and in my fifties now and feel like i was losing my edge... was losing my distance off the tee, and after the round had no energy. My mind would wander during the round and it was just hard to focus.   i had one of my friends suggest taking 5 herbs and combined over the counter supplements i bought...
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