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So I've just gotten back into playing golf...  My family owns a thrift store (and a bunch of commercial properties, but I digress), and as we were loading the contents of an estate sale, I spied a full set of Titleist DCI 962 irons, a few Big Bertha Titaniums, a nice Ping putter, and an Adams Tight Lies. My cousin wants to pick up golf, and at our store the clubs go for $1 a piece, so he did as I recommended and just took them home. But now *I* need clubs, it would...
Ohh no, I'm not looking for new irons to help my game... I'm looking for new irons because mine are made for someone 4'9", and I'm 5'5". Ohh... And my other set was fitted for someone who's 6'3". So... None of my clubs are the right size, anymore. I still play with the short ones, though. Lessons are great... Like I said, I took lessons before I broke my wrist, and they made a ton of difference, especially in my short game.
Hey there... I'm in the market for new clubs, so I figured I'd join and ask for advice (in a dedicated thread).  I'm a college student who took golf lessons for a bit in high school, got decent, then broke his wrist and sucked from thereon after. I went from a slice to a hook... My game totally changed, and I kind of gave up.  Still played occasionally, though... Once every couple months. Right now I'm shooting around 100, at best, but I want to get back into golf and...
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