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Do people meticulously keep their stats? I would be interested in comparing Fairway %, GIR, and putts with other bogey golfers for curiosity sake...My stats are averaged from my last 20 rounds.   Handicap: 16 Fairway %: 32 GIR: 17 Putts: 1.75
can anyone comment on my takeaway? should i be working on this too?
Posting here with an update; 1) I feel like my posture has improved, although after seeing this video I feel like I still possibly am not standing upright enough? 2)  I've been focusing a lot on rhythm and slowing things down. I've noticed I strike the ball much cleaner when I do this combined with a shorter backswing. 3)  I think my head moves a lot less, however still moves a tad.     Thanks in advance for any feedback
is that green swing path product still available that used in an early demonstration video? I can't find it on their website.
Thanks for your feedback.  Is it odd, that when I add the posterior pelvic tilt during my stance as recommended by the large golf posture thread, that I seem to get some lower back pain? Perhaps it's just the adjustments necessary.  Where should I start first? The posture adjustment, and then where?
  Hi, I've been Playing Golf for:​ inconsistently and socially for 5 years, seriously the past 6 months. My current handicap index or average score is:  usually score around 90-95 My typical ball flight is: Fade. Although am very susceptible to a major slice as well as hosel rockets. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: the hosel rocket with the irons! terrible shanks.   I've included some additional information:   Filming the swing...
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