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This week, new Titelist tour visor and new 2.0 super stroke putter grip for my Yes Sophia. Awesome by the way!! Next, new shoes and shopping for a 5 wood should be better with my current set up. Old age and stiff back.
Nice treat!! Enjoy
I forgot to mention that here in Vancouver BC our big golf retailer is GolfTown, nice full selection and pretty good service. Prices are competitive and easy to get to location. That is where I picked up my new wedge.
My last trip I picked up a new 52/8 volkey spin mill to round out my set, now my wepons include 52,56,and 60 spin mills. They are awesome stops and backs up almost any ball My ProV's are dancing on the greens. No wonder they are so popular for us refusal guys and in the pros.
Here is a list of faves for me, these are the ones that rotate though my bag year after year. As you will see I love my blades, not just any blades I mean 8802 Napa styles . My roster includes, a couple of Wilson 8802's, Yes Sophia, an Odyssey #8 couple of Snake Eyes Vipers and a Cleveland Designed By Corey Pavin Limited Edition. Though my collection is small I will continue to grow it for years to come, oh I have had my share of Pings, Taylor Mades and the like but I will...
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