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 Haha thanks, but it's an 11. My long game is pretty decent but my short game is not really good so I lose some strokes per round cuz of it
I just want to know what people would think my handicap is just by looking at my swing. Please be honest as I want to hear different opinions, thanks :)  
I want to practice my wedges a lot but unfortunately the courses near me don't have any pitching greens. I could use the range but it's not that good of a quality either. So I was wondering if it's an ok thing to get a tee time and if there is no one behind you, just staying at one hole to practice? And is there other ways I can practice my wedge play?
 ok thanks, and when you mean conforming you mean like they are allowed within the rules right?
I was checking out new wedges to add to my set and came across Cleveland CG15 wedges. But there seems to be a lot of different models of the CG15s and can't really seem to find the differences between each one. I think I heard that the "Zip Grooves" were going to be illegal in 2024 so there's a newer "Tour Zip Grooves", but what are the differences between CG15 Issue, DSG, and the original?? Thanks
Alright, thanks for the suggestion :)
Ok yeah, I was thinking about getting a 54 and 58 also, thanks for the comment. Also, do you know how much impact 1 or 2 degree is going to have on distance/yardages? Im wondering because theres a 6 degree gap between 48 and 54, but 4 degree gap between 54 and 58 and don't sure how the numbers are going to turn out..
I am trying to make a new set and so far I have a driver, putter, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 4-AW (which is 12 clubs in total). My irons are strengthened in loft so my AW (GW) is 48 degrees. I only have two more clubs until I reach 14 and am wondering which degree of wedges I should get.. Thanks!
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