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Hi all, Not sure if anyone is interested but I spoke with optishot today about online play and here is their response. Well the whole email chain.... Jonathan B Cole (OptiShot Help & Support) Jan 30 09:40 AM You're very welcome and yes, available even in Europe. Jonathan B Cole Technical Support Lead | Dancin' Dogg Golf +1 (866) 867-6771 +1 (231) 225-9773 Jason Jan 30 09:33 AM Hi, Thanks very much for the reply! Really Looking forward to this release!!! Will It...
Just wanted to give you all an update, I went to my local golf pro and he put me on track man. It turns out that my spin rate and launch angle was really bad and he told me that I needed a new shaft. He fitted me for a number of shafts and club heads and he got my spin rate down to around 2500 - 3100 rpm and my launch angle to around 12 degrees! I have never in my life hit a driver as well consistently! He has to order in the shaft and the driver head is the titleist 913...
Thank you very much, that sounds like great advise! You are right I do try and shut the face down to stop the push. I'll have a read over the rules about the swing thread and see how I get on.Thanks again for the help!
Sorry, my HC is 6.4
Thanks! When I hit my driver it usually will block out to the right and that's a good shot lol other times I will pull hook it. My irons are fine. They are 1 degree up and my 3 wood is also very good. It just seems to be my driver. I did have a taylormade burner 10.5 degree with a standard stiff shaft and I could hit that really well. Reason I changed that driver was because it went way too high. Hitting into the wind it was like hitting a pitching wedge lol
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so I apologise in advance if I have asked this in the wrong section. I have never ever been fitted for a driver. It's the only club I struggle with all the time. I have no confidence in hitting my driver. I use a r11s with a project X 6.0 shaft. I've screwed the driver to every known loft and angle but I still can't hit it. My question is this....... Should I go get fitted for a driver by a pro or should I buy the optishot golf sim and use...
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