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I'm not sure what else the OP could have done to ensure safe play. I'm surprised the gent playing 2 balls didn't agree it was his responsibility to ensure people playing behind him were aware he wasn't clear of the green. How long are you supposed to wait after seeing someone finish the hole? A minute seems sufficient. If I was playing 2 balls for whatever reason then I would resort to the usual method of removing the flag until I had completed the hole. That seems the...
I seem to remember that the "amateur" stipulation was to keep professional boatmen out of the rowing events so that the snobs could win. As for top pro's not being interested, that would surprise me. 1 gold medal available per 16 major events should help make it pretty special. Golf could bring sponsorship to the Olympics that would allow many less financially supported sports get funding for events. It would also get golf introduced to those (viewers) who might not be...
My guess is slow players are oblivious. By default the only person on the course who gets to play at his preferred pace is the slowest player. Identify him. Find his tee time. Get the one before him. See how much fun he finds an 8 hour round as opposed to his normal 6.
9 strokes different over 9 holes, pftt, I can do that over a couple of holes. And the lowest score wouldn't be much to boast about either.
Pretzel isn't the only one to make that mistake. The guy in the video says "driver speed" at the same time the video shows ball speed.
I'm an engineer. Industrial automation. North Sea Oil.
Hello to everyone and thanks for the forum. I took a 12 year break (was very casual player, few times a year) when my son was born and finally got myself hooked again. Cracking forum you have here with plenty of interesting stuff to read when I can't actually be out playing.
I've always had the view that golf is a middle class game in high population areas and more egalitarian in low population areas. I've just restarted after a 10 year break and (apart from splashing out £400 on a set of irons) it hasn't broken the bank. I've got 2 of my kids sets of clubs and their membership fees are tiny. Any sport requires a bit of cash and you certainly get your moneys worth with golf. My daughters clubs cost less than her Brownies uniform. I can't think...
New Posts  All Forums: