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I play S300 in every club except putter.
To me whether it's a 3, 4, or 5 is irrelevant. To me the 18th is a bring you back hole. It should be one where it's possible to post a number.
cipher, those Edel wedges and putter look fantastic.
+1 and at a buck apiece new, can't be beat.
Another one here for GolfNow.  
I carry, but I'm going to get a pull cart soon.  
To me the shaft is way more important than the head. If I was to buy a driver today I would look at GlobalGolf, etc. for a used driver that suits my eye and reshaft it.  
The MMBs look sweet, and they have them on sale right now. Buy 3-9 and get the pw and gw free.
I carry a 50/8, 54/12, and 58/4. I use the 50 for all my chips that don't have to carry a bunker, etc., I use the 54/12 in the sand only, and the 58/4 any time I need to throw it up and bring it straight down. I use my pitching wedge for all approach shots 140 yards and in.  
The "Ocean City Shankapotomus Cup"
New Posts  All Forums: