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I had the same problem with a set of name brand grips I got at at Rockbottom Golf once and they were junk. I think they were Callaway, but they were so thin you could feel and see the tape lines underneath them. (I use the straight wide tape method). I had to use so much solvent to get them on I got high on it. Never again at RB, I buy them at Golfsmith now.
I usually go alone but am often paired with others. When I am told that I will be paired I usually ask for a twosome if possible. My experience is that 3somes expect to be in just their group more than 2somes.    You may have to wait a little, but I think it's worth it. If they are beginners or hackers, you can kill time looking for balls or whatever.   Also, if you get someone that's not your style you're not in the cart with him you only see him twice - tee and green !
Thanks, I was told by both MD's I saw not to waste my money on PT but I am going to go on my own.  It only costs me 15 bucks a pop and it's worth a try.   I think some GP MD's are reluctant to refer people to specialists and try to treat things they should not .I have good medical coverage so that's not an issue.  I lost 6 weeks after getting a shot and not wearing a brace or doing exercises before I saw an ortho MD. Lesson learned.
Thanks for all the help, wish I had found this forum sooner !
yes , got an X ray it shows "normal" which I am told means tendon issues that don't show on an x ray.   Is this site slow today, or maybe the inet in general or my computer ?
I am a righty and it's my left elbow.   Strange, but when I saw the ortho MD he said I could do anything I wanted subject to my pain tolerance. I am not heeding his advice there. He also said he would give me a shot before I go down south in March if I wanted to play !   I am doing the stretches/strengthening.   I am not playing golf in PA, but with another 4-6 inches of snow due today I am not really giving it full rest !
GolfGuy, sent you a PM
I just started using one a week ago,I wish the MD who gave me the shot recommended it because I lost 2 months doing nothing.
Hi from PA. this is my first post.   I was on another golf forum, but it took weeks to get a response if you got one at all. It was a morgue compared to here.  I found this one Saturday and got more information on golfers elbow than I got from my doctors !   I heard of tennis/golf elbow before but never realized how painful it could be. Never is on someone else !   It started in August, I had to quit October 1. I have not played since then, was diagnosed in November,...
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