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Thanks ALS8, I wish the surgeon would have told me that, but you know how they work- they give you 1 minute of their time per visit.   HE IS NOT GETTING OFF THAT EASY TOMORROW !   All the hunt-able ring-necked  pheasants here in PA are stocked by the state (not wild) but the dog does not care and they taste good !
ALS8, Thanks for asking.   Well I did everything I was supposed to , PT, rest, no golf, exercises and unfortunately it's not over. Shortly after my surgery my pinky and ring finger started tingling and going numb and he thinks that there is a post operative pinched nerve and he may have to go in there again. #@$%!&*!!   He told me that 6 weeks ago but could not get me in for an EMG until tomorrow, so I'll know more then. The pain is gone, but I would like to get rid of...
Thanks, His name was Gus and alas he passed of the same disease almost 3 years ago as well. He was great dog,  companion and hunter. I have a new guy now, just as great, and since I got my surgery we are driving each other crazy !
Thank you, sunny and 80 here all week, trying to find something to do !!
Finally got it done on Tuesday !!!!!!!.(Surgery)  No golf for 3-4 months needless to say.   NO MORE ICE, CREAMS, PILLS (EXCEPT PAIN KILLERS FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS).   Time will tell, but 10 months of constant pain was too much to bear. I did play all summer, but not well. PT starts in a couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted.
This is the only one to consider, the rest are junk.   http://www.amazon.com/Pro-Band-Sports-ABI00-Therapeutic/dp/B000FML7SW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408827100&sr=8-1&keywords=arm+brace+for+tennis+elbow
Thanks folks, I may try the cream, nothing to lose since I am not going in to get cut until September.   I taty away from mats since I had this issue, but rarely hit on them prior to the problem.
My understanding is that it can be bone spurs, scar tissue, damaged tendon or a combination of the three. Sometimes grinding the bone down is necessary.   There are surgery videos of the procedure on you tube, not a real simple (looking) procedure to say the least.   I'll know more when I go under the knife ,I am planning on September.   Maybe someone who has had it done can chime in on recovery, amount of time before you can play again, etc.
Thanks, but laying off for 6 months gave me no relief, and am not much worse pain-wise after playing for the last 2 1/2 months about 3 times a week. I did up my dosage of Naproxen to the max however - two 500 mg. a day.   I tend to be impatient, and after reading  posts where some people have taken a year off I figure I can have the surgery and be back playing in less time than that.   My doctor is the one that recommended that I wait until the end of summer so I could...
Wanted to add that sometimes it's worse in the morning when I wake up, even after doing nothing the day before.   The doctor gave me a wrist brace to wear at night as he said the position of the wrist at night while sleeping can aggravate the elbow. ( I take the elbow band off at night)   I know when I forget to wear the wrist brace  it definitely feels worse in the morning.
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