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Keeping budget in mind, I would recommend the the Maxfli U/3 at $40/2 dozen.  You also cannot go wrong with any of the Gamer series for less money or the TM Project (a) for about $31/dozen.  Quite frankly the list is a long one but the above balls work great for me.
I played on a course that also allowed kick golf at the same time as regular golf.  My first question to the starter was how do we not hit these people with our golf shots and he assured me that they move along quickly, basically playing 18 holes in 2 hours.  They kick from much closer tees and have a couple of holes the size of small garbage can openings with an entirely different set of flags.  As it turned out, once we got used to the extra flags on the course, it was...
I will go with Tiger since he would have to win any one of the majors which he will be capable off when he is back on track.  Rory will win the career grand slam but its a lot of pressure to have to win one tournament before Tiger wins any one.
Fred Couples - we have simlar backs
After stretching for a few minutes, I will hit up to a dozen easy wedges and then a few full 9 irons.  I then do right to the Driver for a couple of dozen while I am fresh.  The rest of the time is spent going through the clubs and spending extra time with the clubs that are giving me trouble (ok, the ones that I am not swinging well).
Ping G15 Driver, followed closely by my Nike Sumo and Callaway X Hot hybrids.
I started playing at age 40 and gave up my long irons (1,2,3) about 10 years ago (I was 52).  At one point I could nail the 2i fairly well but it got to where it and the other long irons were useless.  Starting last year I gave up my mid-irons (4,5,6) for hybrids, so I now carry 2h - 6h.  I can hit my 2h (Nike Sumo) farther than I could my 2i 20 years ago and I have my distances back through the 6h - golf is fun again.   It takes an exceptional swing to hit a good 2i so...
Good list - I would just move Palmer up into the top 10.   As for the best of the best, Nicklaus and Woods stand alone.
We are more than halfway through the 2014 season, and I suspect that many of us have compared some of the new 2014 golf ball offerings.  My winner is the Maxfli U/3 which for me is incredibly long, durable, and can still hold the green.  Honorable Mention goes to the TM Project (a) for its good distance and exceptional handling around the green, and the Gamer Soft for great distance and reasonable green performance for a surlyn covered ball (I have not played it but the...
To be honest I never realized that each DSG had a PGA member on staff.  The people were always helpful but that is about all I expect from such a large retailer.  Like many, I do my research and then do my purchasing, whether it be at Dicks or a smaller store.  I have bought a couple of clubs at Dicks, but what gets me into the store are the golf ball brands that they manufacture and sell  exclusively with GG (Maxfli and Top-Flite) at great prices.  It is too bad about the...
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