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I never gave much thought to it since all of the courses I play are par 71 or 72.  As a higher HCP I do like the par 5's since I have a reasonable chance at par over a 430 yard par 4, and I am sure that the longer hitters like the opportunity to go for the green in 2.  You do have a choice of where to play, so just avoid the par 70's if they upset you.
I believe professional golf is in a good place, similar to when Norman, Freddie, Azinger were making noise while Jack faded.  However, without a true star, the Tour will receive less attention from casual and non-golfers.  The competition is great but we await the next dominant golfer to show.
Many upscale public courses in the NY Metro area require motorized carts (trolleys) for morning tee times and encourage them all the time since they need the revenue.  I prefer the cart with my tempermental back and will always at least take a push cart.  I do have a 2600 yard executive course (5 par 3's, 3 par 4's, and 1 par 5) for which I always walk but do not carry.  I guess the most precise answer is what was said above - "it depends".
I am not much of a ball hawk thanks to my eyes, but when I do find a couple I will either clean them while waiting on a tee or in the sink after the round.  As an 18 HCP I usually play my new golf balls until I lose them or really scuff them on a cart path.  
I have always called it the British Open, with the "Open" being the US Open.  I can also understand how the Brits feel just the opposite.
For those of you not from NJ, there were 2 courses built in Hudson County (Jersey City and Bayonne) with views of NYC, but they are private and extremely cost prohibitive, even for all the young professionals that live in that area.  $20 walking for 9 holes is very affordable for the area, and folks will not have to drive an hour each way to play some golf.  Even $50-$60 for 18 with a cart would pack them in.
I play with bears where I am but they generally keep away.  I have had gators in SC and FL just hang out next to the green, usually about where my ball lands.  I'll take the bears.
Hard to quantify, but anytime the footing is at all unsure it is likely to result in a loss of power and decrease the accuracy of the shot.
I never really thought about it, but about as close as I come to a superstition is on those few occasions when I birdie the first hole, I know that I am going to have one of my worst scores of the season - more like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I carry a dozen new balls and 6-8 slightly scuffed but playable balls.  On my regular course I tend to lose a couple per round, which is easy to do because of its unforgiving layout - I have lost as many as 7.    The best I did last season was to lose 1 ball on my regular course a few times.
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