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They are both somewhat out of reach from Spieth, but Tiger has a lot more to gain with a top 10 or 5 finish.  Not that Rory will go into a coma, but to finish 4th or 5th would be a good showing with a good payday, but for Tiger it would be an enormous start to a comeback.  I have to admit that Tiger has surprised me.
I would got the Costco or Walmart bag of balls for a while.  Once you develop your swing then you can try fitting different balls to see how they work for you.  The fact of the matter is that most golfers never achieve the level of needing a true pro ball.  I am an 18 HCP and actually am at a disadvantage with a tour ball.  Just make sure you have fun and welcome to the game of golf!
I expected Tiger to make the cut but not contend, which appears to be the case.  He could get a top 10 or 20 finish which would be quite a showing.  He is not playing badly given the amount of competitive golf he has played the last year or so.
I think Tiger is very likely to make the cut since he knows Augusta well and has won four green jackets.  However, I do not see him coming out of a self-imposed hiatus due to a pathetic short game and being sharp enough to win.  I do believe that he has respect for the Masters and will not witdraw if his game goes south.
Golf Digest is trying to sell magazines and as we all know sex sells.  But let's not go overboard - a little provocative, yes, porn - no.  As much as Golf Digest wants to sell magazines the LPGA wants more men to follow the sport.  There certainly are men that would follow a champion golfer is she was also a knockout, but it is the same for women.  Did you ever hear interviews with women at the Patriot's games wearing Tom Brady jersey's?  Sure he is a great player but he...
I enjoyed the Game Soft and Supersoft last year, and I recently purchased the new Maxfli Softfli 3 piece low compression balls for $25 for 2 dozen at Dick's.    If they are similar to the Gamer Soft that would be fine.
Arnie certainly does not need the money, but it is possible that his endorsement is genuine if it helped him out.
I chose just over par at 145.5.  My guess is that he will play better than his recent outings and he is likely to make the cut (if he shows up).
Missing from my game is the ability to get up and down from within 25 yards of the green.  What has also been missing is the time to really work on my weakness part of the game.
I fit approximately into the 225 yard drive average and as a rule of thumb will play the white (men's) tees and find I can get along fine.  There are so many factors other than distance that define the difficulty of a course including driving downhill or facing a 500 yard par 5 that plays like 650 heading uphill.  My regular course is 5611 from the whites but due to the layout has a fairly high slope of 131 along with a modest difficulty of 67.6 - plenty for the average...
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