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I have played each of the Gamers and the Maxfli U/3, which is my current ball.  I have not noticed a different feel to any of those balls after a few holes, but I typically lose a ball or two each round on the course I regularly play which has some blind shots and plenty of hazards.  I have never had the same ball for 3 or 4 rounds so I cannot comment on that!
Most of the Maxfli's and Top-Flites are made in China or Taiwan, and I would agree that the manufacturing of these balls is subcontracted out and made to spec for each ball.  But Dicks did purchase both brands and they are the ones that have to fund the continued research, and they have done quite well so far.  Hopefully they continue doing so .
I have the previous version of current Datrek stand bag and it is of very good quality, has plenty of storage, and has withstood my abuse with no show of wear.  I expect to get a number of additional years use from this bag.  
Dicks has a stated objective to reduce their golf offerings.  I suspect that their issue this past season was an over commitment to a few club manufacturers anticipating golfers would buy a new driver or irons every year.  Since golf balls are constantly being replaced I believe that the Maxfli and Top-Flite brands were money makers.  However, Dicks may decide that golf balls are not the direction they are going and sell the brands to another manufacturer.  Another option...
You can purchase 2 dozen Top flite Gamer Soft balls for $30 from Dicks.  I have played this excellent 3 piece ball and it is priced this low because you are buying directly from the manufacturer (Dicks) who is still making a good profit.  I would check out the independent reviews of the Gamer Soft and see for yourself.  IMO, its a steal.
Root cause of the problem sounds like a crowded course.  I do not know your area but in crowded Northern NJ since I became an empty nester I adjusted my playing times and the courses I play years ago to avoid crowded conditions.  Hot Summer afternoons and Sunday afternoons in the Fall when the Jets of Giants are playing often give me a 3 to 3 1/2 hour round.  Weekday afternoons are closer to 2 1/2 hours.  One other recommendation I would make if you have a regular...
I do not see a need for a second set of rules.  I have been working with my 9 year old grandson who enjoys golf and I certainly teach him the rules but I do give him relief in sand traps.  He is just learning how to hit out of a bunker and really has not spent much time practicing it.  He has to give it a try getting out of the bunker and if he does not, he has to take a stroke and gets a drop out of the bunker.  He understands you cannot ground the club and gives it a...
Once you get your doctor's go ahead, take your time and learn what you can and cannot do.  You will need to practice a fair amount and perhaps an empty field could suffice wtih some a shag bag of gently used balls.  I am 62 and have a back that injures very easily and I have adjusted to it over the years.  I often play with a certain amount of pain but stay within myself.  I gave up my 2 thru 6 irons and replaced them with hybrids.  I try not to take squirrel tail divots...
Working my back from a back injury with little practice (since I only have so many swings I can take), I shot a 93 on Sky View in NW Jersey with one OB and two in hazards.  Tentative with the driver and my short game has gone south, but still great ot be out again!
I drink 2 cups of high test in the morning between 6 and 7AM and that is it for the day.  I am an afternoon golfer so the effects of the caffeine have subsided and I concentrate on a healthy earlly lunch before I play, but no caffeine.  Once I am past the wake up stage additional caffeine can make me jittery and keep me awake at night.  However, if I were a morning player, I would still need my 2 cups just to find the course.
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