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I switched from the NXT Tour to the Gamer V2 and for me the V2 was a far superior ball -  Longer and better on the greens.  Switched again to the Gamer Tour when the spin rating for the Gamer came in much lower than the V2 and have been using it since.  However, the V2 was longer than the Tour and held the greens well for a surlyn covered ball.  My comparisons of the 2014 Gamer and older V2 show that the specs are identical, so perhaps the V2 is back.  Meanwhile I have a...
OK, I meant "spin".
A few years later and I am still trying to find the V2 again.  I played the Gamer Tour last year and it was great around the greens but I did not get the distance of a V2, which also had great soin for a surlyn covered ball.   The 2014 Gamer has the exact same specs as the old V2 which I will have to try out to make a comparison. 
The GD spin ratings for 2014 excluded many upgraded golf balls which was a big disappointment (they had every Titleist).  I am still hovering near an 18 HCP but starting scoring more like a 15 toward the end of the season by taking advantage of a less expensive 3 piece urethene ball around the greens.  You may want to consider the Gamer Tour, Maxfli U/3, or TM Project (a) and see how it impacts your game.  Much of golf ball selection is subjective, so experiment with a few...
I have to agree with the above statement that some people answer how far they can hit the ball as opposed to how far is your normal distance.  I have learned to take at least one club, and sometimes two clubs, stronger on my approach shots than my pure swing distance, which rarely happens.  
Slow play is caused by multiple factors.  The single rider cart would help some players pick up the pace, which is a good thing.  Of course, its not going to eliminate the other causes ranging from playing too far back to the golfer that really believes it is Sunday at Augusta and he is protecting a 1 stroke lead.  
I am not certain about the cost of shipping golf balls from the US to Ireland or how much weight you can spare in your luggage, but the golf balls manufactured by Dicks Sporting Goods (Top-Flite/Maxfli) are inexpensive since you are buying directly from the manufacturer.  2 dozen 2014 Gamers for $30, 2 Dozen Gamer Tours for $35, or 1 dozen Maxfli U/3 for $24.95 are prices that are hard to beat when compared to similar balls form other manufacturers.  Golf Galaxy is owned...
Usually a Jeep Compass with the rear seats folded down.  Smaller SUV for 2 golfers but great mileage, performance, and 4w drive.
Played the Gamer Tour and RBZ U last season and plan to give the Maxfli U/3, e5, and project (a) a shot this year.  I understand the the Gamer Tour has a more durable cover for 2014, and if true, I will also give it a go.  
I always keep it standing and have never noticed any weakness in the bag's legs.  Zippers and other stuff usually go before the legs.
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