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Thanks - The prognosis is very good thanks to the advanced surgery techniques.
Right now I am at 17.7 but my season has all but ended due to prostate cancer surgery.  If I stay healthy I am hoping to drop a full point on my HI in 2016.
Scheduled for prostate cancer surgery Monday morning in NYC - will miss a good 6 weeks. Better than the alternative!
I guess because the choices were so wide (average or good) I chose a wide range.  I am a 17.5 HCP and will break 90 (par 71) a few times over 20 rounds but also push 100 a few times - I do not consider myself a good golfer which is why I stated that I would have added "very good" and "great".  As I re-think it, there are likely "below average" and "poor" categories. 
 Have you tried the Gamer series, especially the Gamer Soft or Tour?  TF does still sell some hard distance only balls, but they had an impressive lineup a number of years ago with the STRATA and Z-Balata balls with tour wins behind them.  The sale of Top-Flite to Callaway changed much of that and most quality TF technology was incorporated into Callaway's line.  Callaway did come up with the 3 piece TF Gamer and Gamer V2 which were quality 3 piece balls to prop up the TF...
I would say average golfers will break 90 on occasion, and have days where they surpass 100.  Basically 90's shooters, 15-22 handicaps, capable of good swings many times but not most.  Good golfers have a more reliable swing with each club and stay in the upper 70's to mid 80's.   It wasn't asked but I would propose that there are also very good golfers and great golfers that play a different game than most of us.
I lose more balls than I find and of those I find, I am somewhat selective about what I will keep or leave for the next golfer.  I will keep a ProV1 so I can give it to my playing partners that want them, and for myself I will keep a Gamer of any kind, NXT Tour, Softfli, Supersoft, Duo, SoLo, or similar ball.  As long as I am comfortable the balls have been abandoned I see no ethical issue in throwing them in the bag.
I carry a driver and 3 wood - the driver I can get good distance off the tee and the 3 wood is for carrying my towel in a convenient spot since I am much better with the 2 hybrid than the 3 wood.  I use to carry the 1, 4, 7, and 9 woods but I now carry the 2 through 6 hybrid and this 63 year is getting as much distance as 15 years ago (I was never a bomber) with more consistency.
If a group of people want to play golf not according to the USGA and R&A rules I really do not care.  It is a way to get non-serious golfers out and enjoy the day and perhaps make some friends and perhaps fill some empty tee times on courses and sell some additional equipment.   But it is not what I want to do.  I am a relatively high handicap golfer but I enjoy tracking my performance against the established rules of golf.  For most avid golfers I would think that...
I say no.  Jordan is one of several young golfers that will likely dominate the game over the next decade and will no doubt win 6-10 additional majors.  However, Tiger was a phenomenon that went way beyond golf and drew non-golfers to their television sets to watch him crush his opponents in an aggressive way - he made golf "cool".  He also dominated a game that had a sad history of racial discrimination and became a folk hero to some whether they played golf or not.  Just...
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